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  1. Baldi Basics says

    How to get it?

  2. Examplz says

    It looks cool in first person maybe a soon feature?

  3. _By_StormiX_ says

    We don't care

  4. RenatoPlop 19 says

    Is replay mode

  5. The good fam m8 says

    Fully hidden hud

  6. Lakel Vlogs says

    is this real

  7. Improbus Phantomhive says

    Lol pumped up kicks

  8. ScaryDawg Gaming says

    Roses are red, violets are blue. I just got clickbaited, and so did you

  9. EightBitDeluxe says

    The reason he didn’t move is replay mode, everyone knows that.

  10. BlueTechRS says

    Way, way too zoomed in.

  11. Edris Hahah says

    Just like gta

  12. MasterSword says

    Lol animated

  13. juan peraza says

    This is stolen

  14. No Name says

    Plz make one doing all emotes in first person

  15. ParkerBOSS89 G says

    It’s fake. That’s replay mode and the Cam is on top of there head😂

  16. Christopher S. says

    First person in fortnite does not show the gun. (Stw mode)

  17. Mahmoud Wanli says

    2:24 you can see a glimpse of the replay thing

  18. Kjell Ivar Kjelsnes says

    Ali-a where u at

  19. Dankest Memest says

    Yes it’s definitely replay mode

  20. M4st3rZon3 says

    Fake its replaymode

  21. AaronGPS4 says

    Done in replay mode ?

  22. Master Of Souls Ermac says

    Is this real

  23. Nerdy Waffle93 says

    Just theater mode

  24. Randomizer says

    It looks like it's a Vr thing

  25. Qubez says


  26. Logon Painter says

    2:21 it said fully hiden hud

  27. Logon Painter says

    Take replay mode

  28. The Glorious Mighty Perfection says

    Nope nope nope nope.

  29. Dizzy Dreams says

    Hey man mind changing thr title to "what fortnite would look like in firat person" also, can you like credit the author

  30. Real FieryFriend says

    Did you use replay mode cause it looks cool !

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