FORTNITE *NEW* RARE $300 REFLEX SKIN!! (Fortnite Live Gameplay)


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Fortnite live new Reflex skin gameplay!
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Use Fortnite Support a Creator code “TypicalGamer” if you’d like to support me when getting V-Bucks!

Epic Games & NVIDIA gave me these items for free so that I could show them off to you. You can get the GeForce Fortnite Bundle and the Fortnite Counterattack Set by buying a GTX 1070 Ti, 1070, or 1060 graphics card starting on November 29.


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  1. Megan Arseneau says

    I am playing fortnite

  2. TheGaming monster says

    Are you blind you missed a blue pump you do this a lot as well no offence thought

  3. dsafjosh124 says

    for every like i will add a cb

  4. Uku Uusalu says

    Cool video i love❤💓 fortnite

  5. GD Gamer456 says

    Sub to my channel GD Gamer456

  6. Louise Sheraton says

    "Wouldn't mind a new smg….." finds one straight away "boom"🤣🤣

  7. Jack White says

    Buddy puts in too many adds

  8. Greyden87 says

    love this skin..TG ask avxry to play The walking dead with you samara and exoph

  9. Loni Danielson says

    Hmm am i the only one witg 53 afs

  10. TTV FlanMan says

    Come check my stream out flanman9841 on twitch give the channel a follow it'll really be helping me out!

  11. hughychuwy says

    I put you in the item shop

  12. Blueflames 246 says

    Can you gift me a skin I have noob skin

  13. Xbox Master says

    It is stupid epic can get into games and hack

  14. Isaiah Rogers says

    do u have a ps4 or a Xbox1 360

  15. Chowderman 190 says

    4:20 then typical gamer doo dood on me ggs

  16. Chowderman 190 says

    yo im in this vid

  17. thebossmodegamer says

    20 ads?? Seriously?! Im not watching this!

  18. XyloidXfactor says

    Im listo 😉 meaning ready

  19. XyloidXfactor says

    put spanish man do it for us latinos man us PUERTORICANS AYEEE AYEEE EATING THEM TACOS

  20. darktheme4309 says

    It's 5am and he yells lmao

  21. Donald Millitello says

    I played slope game slopex for 10 years so far.

  22. Dread Star says

    23 mid role ads 🤔

  23. Lilmary Delgado says

    Sorry typical gamer I want to be a member but I can't because I don't have money in 9 years old I'm your biggest fan keep doing good work I really need help getting my first win maybe you can help me my username is DevinWildfox09 subscribed liked and have post notifications are on love you

  24. Ryan Stewart says

    Mom saids it’s time for bed I said please mom please just 2 more mins I’m almost done with the video ok but on have 20 more seconds if you not in bed by that time your grounded she comes back in I hide under the covers then when she go out I finish the rest of the video now who agrees!

  25. MaestrO Frags says

    itd cool becuz its Emerald

  26. Savage Olaf says

    Make it as your skin forever

  27. Amanda Helton says


  28. Kaiden Carter says


  29. thomas mason says

    tg i want you to play roblox

  30. Luigi says

    Wait how do you get it?

  31. ryla6040 ryla6040 says

    23:52 Avxry German is disgustain I'm German dude

  32. Azanater07 says

    I love that skin. it's stands out

  33. hi Hi says

    Is he still dating samara

  34. Lisa Soares says

    Typical gamer send me some V box

  35. Ginnun Frazier says

    Mo gta purge

  36. Wendy Joseph says

    you have the best loud out

  37. Nick Colamesta says

    Best skin

  38. Jaxen Robey says

    Hate epic

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