Fortnite *NEW* Season 7 Teaser!! (Fortnite Live Gameplay)


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Fortnite live new Season 7 teaser and Battle Pass predictions!
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  1. misty Wade says

    TG fortnight beast

  2. Kburks Burks says

    love the vids

  3. andre kingofsavag3s says

    They should make the kazoo kid an emote that would be tuff imma try and get it in the game

  4. Bobby Cook says

    Good gaming btw 👌

  5. Levon Stokes says

    Happy New season 7

  6. Diana Cush says


  7. Lori Bowman says

    TG do some gta 5 mods and ps keep up the great work

  8. Stuart Tanner says

    22 god damn adds bruh you is rich

  9. Ashley Smith says

    Could you and Tamera do a SWAT team together

  10. Jonah Froats says

    I do agree

  11. Irfan Zidni says


  12. Freeze Gamer says

    Holy coww your ping is 26~28

  13. Greninja Star420 says

    You think the (mewtwo) character could just be a female version of drift?

  14. Angela Brown says

    Keep up the go work

  15. HHHydro m says

    Okkkk. I can't watch u anymore.. I can't keep listening to the dunce…

  16. Will Sanders says

    You should be called Trash Gamer

  17. Ethan Espinosa says

    Samara in the first fortnite match wasn't even building in the build fight

  18. Choppa City says

    1:18:04 I swear sometimes this dude is blind he be missing so much loot

  19. Chronically Real says

    Do another ark stream plz I can’t wait!

  20. Temitope Oluwatuyi says


  21. Manny White says


  22. Kimoro says

    TG give Samara a ring in a box for christmas ; )

  23. Kimoro says

    Do Video with the ice berg glitch plz

  24. Felicia Cepeda says

    More TWKD

  25. RAYTHEGAMER210 says

    I have been watching sense the gta days

  26. Michele Greene says

    I'm an og I was here when u played gta

  27. fortnite_trick_shots._ says

    Just a normal day having 23 ads in one video

  28. fiona mclaughlin says

    “What we call in the business …litty”🤣tg the best

  29. Metallica 4 Life says

    Season 7 Hype!!

  30. rollin miller says

    u should play more battleground soon

  31. Jawanza Clark says

    he completely forgot to use the cracksot

  32. SirSharkk gaming says

    I havnt even played season 6 yet i have not got my computer yet

  33. PooranD The noob says

    15:25 remember kids STOP smoking

  34. Ordalis Gon says

    Yeah Samara

  35. Kenneth Cole says

    You should do more ark plzzzzz

  36. Kylin Bass says

    When are you going to do another ark video

  37. GG Gaming says

    GG gaming

  38. GG Gaming says

    Can you sub to my chanel it's gggaming

  39. Sue Wilson says

    Can you do ark

  40. Sue Wilson says


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