Fortnite Zombies in 360° VR – Halloween Special


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Happy halloween!

360° video, better with a virtual reality headset! #VirtualReality

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  1. Project Spherical says

    If someone has the replay file for the Fortnite's cube event, let us know! We'll shout you out in the next video!

  2. vaishali Karmarkar says

    Hey bot

  3. Joram Mexes says

    How does he do this

  4. Gaming op says

    This video deserves 1 million likes not 96 keep up the good work 👍

  5. Gabriel Sandi says

    Yes like bro

  6. SWAG GAMER IDC says

    Nice hhh pro in footnote also🤔

  7. VxqpeYT says

    How do you do this 360° video

  8. iGame613 says

    Are you guys planning to release the big cube event in 360 VR? If so that would be awesome since i missed the entire thing due to being killed :/

  9. Husky TV says

    Nice video

  10. juanda 2008 says


  11. jjjk kkkj says


  12. Aaron F says

    Who ever captured that gameplay was genius!

  13. williams 375 says

    Buen video juegos

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