Forza 6 Xbox One S vs Xbox One X Forza 7 4K Graphics Comparison

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It happened. Microsoft has finally revealed how some of upcoming games will look powered by Xbox One X.
Let’s compare gameplay of Forza Motorsport 6 with Forza 6 demo gameplay shown on E3 2017.
It’s more than obvious that well known Scorpio will give us a noticeable graphical leap.

Forza 7 Gameplay:

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  1. Why you didn't compare FM6 on Xbox One and Xbox One X? There is no any difference even without patch? What about FH3? Are you going to compare?

  2. Damn Forza 7  looks epic I'll get it again yeahhhh boiiiii

  3. this experiment is biased because you have no control. you changed the console and the game so what are you really comparing?

  4. Est si on fait :

    xbox one s Avec forza7 4k

    contre xbox one x Avec forza 7 4K

    YA TIL UNE DIF ?????? Grosse dif ?
    Je pense pas non cest à mon avis des connerie

  5. I'm gonna be that kid


  6. I'm returning unopened FORZA 7. It's just way too grey and dark for my licking. 6 on S looks better.

  7. Gt has more realistic car handling and driving…..forza has fantastic techy demo graphic💰💰💰💰💋💋💋💋

  8. Why are they comparing two different games if you want better results test the same damn game

  9. forza 6 looks like a 360 game and forza 7 looks like an xbox 1 game and my penis looks like a ps2 game

  10. I have a ps4, and been thinking about getting the pro console… but holy damn, this xbox one x seems crazy, I have to say, I'm impressed

  11. Why would you pay 500 dollars to just see the clouds better? Focus on your driving, the track and fuck off with the graphics.

  12. Graphic is the same but in 7 there are much better effects and weather

  13. 90% same. Just added higher textures in places and higher rez.

  14. 아.. 진짜 비오늘 날씨의 명암 표현과 화면에 빗방울 튀는 것 그리고 앞차 지나갈 때 물 튀는 효과.. 그야말로 예술.

  15. Forza 7 does look better but the tracks are still bland as fuck dc still best looking racer . There's only so much you can do with the x cos all games are based on week ass xbone hardware. Same as ps4 pro is pointless. Stick with the base systems.

  16. FM 7 in rain looks like a disaster movie in the rain. Not bad at all!

  17. Actually nope, 6 looks just as good, better in places. These gonads who pay 500$ for slightly upgraded graphics are as stupid as someone playing pick up sticks with their butt cheeks. pfft

  18. Graphics only good when a game developer makes it good the console only handles the graphics not make them the so called 4k games or going to be on a disk

  19. A better comparison would be Forza 7 on both consoles. Chances are Forza 7 is better than Forza 6 even on the original Xbox One.

  20. Mid generation my ass. All microsoft did is shit on xbox one owners who can't afford the x! Good way to not alienate xbox fans huh? Now xbox fans have a very important choice to make. Do I go with the cheaper Ps4 pro that has more games or buy an Xbox X that cost 100 dollars more? Decisions, decisions.

  21. Ciekawie się zapowiada wersja pecetowa i niskie wymagania. Normalnie mówie ściema a tu bum jeszcze demo na pc potwierdzili. A Wy jak myślicie, naprawdę optymalizacje dopieścili czy ściema?

  22. Meh I wouldn't say people are blind as much as humble graphics improvement seems to be the role of perfectionism and wanting more anymore

  23. What about a Xbox one original to Xbox one x comparison?

  24. ok first of all itmshould be the same game so ppl will see real differences and second you shouldve atleast put xbox one s forza horizon 7 vs xbox one x forza horizon 6 because we all know xbox one s has no much against this beast.

  25. A imagem final do capô em ambas falharam na física das bolhas de água… um detalhezinho bobo que pode ser corrigido nos próximos aí! Mas tá muito foda!

  26. Yes I'm watching this on a phone but the Xbox one x is smother by… alot

  27. Forza 6 looks better to me, and I watched in 4k and regular


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