Gear 360 vs LG 360 – What is the best 360 camera?! – Side by side test

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Two brand new 360 cameras have been released recently. The Samsung Gear 360, and the LG 360 cam. Both of them make spherical videos. But which one has better picture quality? Only seeing numbers on a page never does justice. The only way to REALLY judge cameras is to see them side by side.

I take the LG 360 cam and the Gear 360 and put both images side by side. If you are watching on the YouTube app on a smart phone, you can rotate the phone, or use your finger to see the full sphere.

If you are on a computer than you can just use your mouse to drag along the video and look around. You must be using a chrome browser for it to work correctly!

Make sure your video quality is turned all the way up so you can see everything!

HERE is the price of the LG 360 Cam:
HERE is the price of the Gear 360:


Want to know how to make your own spherical videos?:

Watch my 360 degree hike of Yosemite Half Dome:

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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  1. samsung just throws all the features trying to get something out but cannot get anything perfect how pathetic

  2. Ohh am so dumb. I was watching his legs..forgetting I have to touch my screen and rotate myself

  3. While watching this 360° video in 360p with turning around in 360°; My 360$ Smartphone slipped from my hands and its glass shattered into 360 pieces 🙁

  4. Perfect idea for a comparison video. What size was the video file you ended up uploading after stitching them together?

  5. I think LG360 cam is best 360 camera.
    It’s better than Samsung Gear360 or SONY 360 Camera.
    Brand Name is better Than the other Camera, too. Beacause LG is Korea Brand!! Isn’t it?

  6. I'm so dizzy from spinning around to follow the presentor

  7. I have gear 360, but I can not edit material for Vegas Pro. Installation is only possible in the program included with the Samsung camera.
    Do you have any solution for this?
    I am interested in the installation on a computer not on the phone. I play the material directly from the MicorSD card

  8. in camera lG too bright picture, and in gear 360 the picture looks better and as for real. CONCLUSION: Gear 360 won!


  10. Really useful vid, thanks! Just picked up a nib LG 360 off Craigslist for $50 and now ordering the waterproof case to take it surfing!

  11. The LG one looks more bright and colorful but slightly less detailed compared to darker one.

  12. Sorry, more questions.I have my carmera set at 2560×1280…but on the upload is at 1080 as I said…why is Youtube not givinig me the hightest size? thanks

  13. Also I don’t get it. I have the Samsung 360 and when recording at 1080 at 60fps looks as good as this ..if not a bit better (probably because of the smoothness) so at 4k it will look wayyy better…mmm I wonder, thanks

  14. freaken awesome video!…now about the sound. I’m watching it on my 4 speaker iPad pro (yes I know it’s only stereo) but because it seems most of us will watch it on a stereo device, the Samsung actually sounds clearer than the 5.1 of the LG…thoughts? thanks 🙂

  15. Solid comparison. I ended up getting this version of the Gear 360, as it was only $85.

  16. I have the LG360 and it's a great camera for the price. I have noticed something odd that I can't figure out. I have a really nice video I shot but somehow the file got changed?? The original file looked much like your files but somehow the file now looks like I'm using binoculars, with two separate spheres. It also won't load with the LG software. The file is now, somehow, smaller than the original. Luckily I still had the original on the camera, so I was able to compare them. Any ideas you might have would be appreciated.

  17. Got my lg 360 like new for 70$:). Love it. I think video on lg 360 isn't as good as just the pics. For 70$ it's great…

  18. Cool. For the first time, I can interact with a video, rotating or zooming. Great progress.

  19. hola,
    me podrías recomendar un programa para pc (mac o windows) editar los videos y fotos de la SAMSUNG GEAR 360 para poder verlos en panorámico


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