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Les Dunes Golf course, with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Coach Lockey, Dan Hendriksen PGA Professionals and YGT’s Rory. The guys are on their final day in Northern France. See who is matched up against each other as they take on this beautiful golf course. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield’s easy to follow and understand golf videos.

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  1. "Do you get a shot here, Matt?" One of the funniest things i've heard on the tour for ages. Still love you though Matt

  2. Center stump lol a classic saying. The middle wicket would of been painfull lol

  3. I'm enjoying Matt's camera work and commentary! And his recent golf is just a reminder that golf is hard and temperamental.

  4. Mark, need to quiet down just a bit, before your mates hit the ball, not fair for them

  5. The depths of golf despair are a lonely place.
    Keep grinding Coach.

  6. This is all feeling a bit hostile and we have all been in these groups once or twice.

  7. Mark gets a little "chippy" with Dan – 08:12, "Did you see that Dan? Nice putt, kinda hit the middle I think". Mmmmh. Raymundo, Ray Mundo, Raymund O., whatever, little girlie bun is getting a bit undone, and Coach is almost giving up trying to hit out of a slump. I give this foresome less than a year. Good luck, lovely boys.

  8. Shameless lion bar plugs 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  9. Matt, too much early internal rotation of the right femur at the hip early in the downswing, right leg stalls through release – impact interval, arms and club release and clubface is turning too rapidly for a non-practising player like yourself….your right knee gets to an impact position of internal rotation too early so it has to stall; it's not a matter of delagging or "wooden — manning"…that's merely reducing the horsepower… it's learning to start your downswing correctly. Kelvin Miyahira is very strong on downswing sequence. Also, you need to question if you are happy being the light relief in these videos. You clearly have the most athletic golf swing of all these players, it's just a sequencing issue. Banter is one thing, it's harmless amongst friends, but respect, and self-respect, for your professional skill is another. Miss a few of these trips, hit the range and fix your swing… and then teach the secret of how you did it!

  10. Who is this 7 HC wearing Coach's clothes?

  11. Lovely camera skills locks on dans bullet

  12. I find the one-handed follow through that is pervading golf about the most pretentious thing I've seen since sweater vests and club twirls!! IMO Cheers!

  13. Never thought I’d see the day where Ray’s golfing ability surpassed lockeys…. 😉

  14. Coach why keep a swing that clearly not working

  15. I like how they don´t even comment on Coaches teeshots anymore… Like he hits his shot, its silent for 3 seconds and then everybody just carries on with what he was doing 😀

  16. I havent seen coach play for a few months, but looks a little Daniel Berger esk and not at all comfortable

  17. I’ve been watching for years now and it’s honestly hard to watch these videos now the way Coach is playing.

  18. Seriously upsets me to see Matt struggling like he is. Come on Coach, chin up, you’ll bounce back 👍

  19. Matt…please go back the old swing….I can't watch any more of this…we need you back bruh!

  20. Coach. Quit aiming into the woods.

  21. unlucky shots Coach…Nevermind, we still love you !

  22. I love that coach is making aerodynamic adjustments to his driver too now. Don’t think it’s worked but props for trying!

  23. Ray is now becoming better than Dan and Matt sometimes

  24. It's not pretty but you must admit, Coach is becoming the most consistent of the four.

  25. I bet the Lion wrapper ended up in Dans bag…..

  26. Right at the beginning “You get a shot here Matt? “😂😂😂

  27. LOL… That bit with the Lion bar… "No, I don't want it anymore…" I couldn't stop laughing… First the top off the first tee then this… Love the Muppets banter. Best golf on YouTube.

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