GOP Sen. John Kennedy compares Putin to a shark

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Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) tells CNN’s John Berman that trying to reason with Russian President Vladimir Putin is like trying to hand feed a shark.

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  1. old dumb nigga shut the fuck up and go back to sucking Trumps ass

  2. Republicans are complicit with treasonous Trump because they think they will get help from Russia in 2018 midterms… and they know that's the only way they could win again!

  3. it is sickening listening to this liar as he continues to dodge the freaking questions….

  4. If a shark..or anything else bites my dick off, you’d better just leave me out there to die….and I would hope the shark choked on my cock… although I don’t sport a jungle patch down there, I’d wish nothing but a scratchy throat for that motherfucking shark

  5. Too Late TRYG to cover up lies…there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE BTWN COVERING UP A LIE& CORRECTG ONE!!!

    All I can do is pray at this point

  6. By not condemning the Donald the Republican Party is making themselves part of this treasonous behavior of the Donald and is showing the world that they can never be trusted again with that power.

  7. What Bull Pucky is that ?!Don't listen to what government officials say but what they do? I call Bullshite!! So when someone in government is spouting whatever don't believe him. But only believe him if he follows through. Who's got time for that? So John Kennedy
    (Wow I hope he isn't kin to President Kennedy) is basically telling American voters that politicians are liars. Well on that point I do agree with him but is that how it should be. Are there absolutely no honest politicians any more? Extinct eh?

  8. Ok i get it republicans are scared of putin kennedy is ifu cant beat em…join em

  9. Bravo to Senator Kennedy for speaking to CNN but…………..
    You are putting party over country my friend.
    This generation of young people will not forget the inhumane, corrupt and dishonest ways of the current GOP.
    2020 is already lost and the 18-30 year-olds will be voting for the next 50 years plus.

  10. This guy is doublespeaking. No, the margin was so small in winning the presidential election of 2016 that the Russia interference is key to why Trump won. After Trump’s 6 bankruptcies, no American banks would deal with him. Tax returns still are not public. Russia embraced Trump many years before the 2016 election. Trump is compromised by degrees of layers through the years, plus not mentally and morally fit to run the country, he just thrown them under the bus, and for what and for why? Be brave America and do what is right. It’s not up to Trump any more, it’s up to you. Vote or impeachment.

  11. If republicans loose the house in November..Ok!..It probably wont happen, but if it does, democrats will have open slather to begin all manner of enquires into Trump and his people! Republicans wont be able to stop it! They cant take the risk of loosing! Therefore, they must win, even if it means 'rigging' in critical electorates by challenging the right of certain people to vote! They may even endorse the use of violence to prevent voting! They must win..Or their doomed!

  12. Trump grabbed this man's pussy and he said "thank you, can i get seconds?"

  13. Could somebody give me a link on cnn's coverage on the house resolution on ICE.

  14. I think this Louisiana senator has one of hell of a splinter problem with all his side straddling.

  15. Cmon lets call it like it is Trump is a treasonous Putin Cock Holster – LOL there is no whitewashing in the world that will cover that up -Face it the GOP senators is part of that Low Life Inbred racist maggot gene pool called Trumpturds

  16. Nobody watches the Clinton News Network anymore.

  17. How does this obvious fuckwit get elected? Brush aside the folksy bullshit banter and he is saying nothing and then repeating it over and over. Voters are to blame for idiots like this

  18. Well, I guess this guy's days in the Senate —- from Louisiana —- are numbered, given his common sense approach to things in THIS UNIVERSE, one that is different from the one created by Trump, Fox & Co.

  19. Senator John Kennedy is full of shit. Must be easy to to bullshit the people of Louisiana.

  20. Thinking Man…….. For President Trump . No Comment on Reality ……….Just Thinking About It

  21. So basically good ol' boy John Kennedy, like so many of his GOP colleagues is going to give trump yet another free pass. Disgraceful.

  22. Another Republiclan clown show. A circus who's main act is an orange orangutan.

  23. What is worse than a foreign country meddling in your election? How about a few corrupt
    FBI agents like Peter Strzok who vowed to stop Trump by launching a bogus Russia collusion
    investigation based on a phony dossier(paid for by the DNC) which was used to illegally obtain
    FISA warrants to spy on Trump. No dossier+no warrants=no Russia investigation.

  24. Oh shock another republican from a visit to Moscow. TRAITOR

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