Here’s What COD Modern Warfare Remastered Is Like in 2018

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  1. I actually thought this game was sick. The S-Tac was the best sniper I’ve used for FFA, so clean

  2. IW got hate for no reason, it was actually really decent. So much better than WW2 garbage

  3. I was so excited for this game, but quit playing after a month of release.

  4. I am done with cod don’t care what’s next or what they remaster next fuck cod it’s shit and always will be I regret buying mwr

  5. This game is best cod in last 5 years including bo4

  6. Dude this game came out last year!? Why you tryna copy other youtubers who did this same style of series? #Unoriginal

  7. They ruined it by adding guns that weren't actually in the game, microtransactions AND it definitely speeded up gameplay wise

  8. if you want to experience proper cod get xbox and buy all the old cods and play it backwards compatibillity

  9. Bullshit this cod is not like cod 4. Ttk, flinch etc its all different.

  10. Lol I havent found a lobby on PC for weeks…

  11. I bought MWR when it was on sale on PS4, only time I touch the MP is to play against bots.

  12. Good thing I'm only playing the backward compatible version on the xbox one.

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