Homemade Chicken Shawarma As Made By Ben Stiller and Ahmed Badr


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Do you ever crave a specific dish from your hometown that your mom/grandma used to make? Ahmed Badr, a writer and former refugee from Iraq, got together with UNHCR Supporter and actor Ben Stiller to recreate his favorite childhood dish and staple of middle eastern cuisine: the chicken shawarma. MOUTH. WATERING. Click here if you want to know more about UNHCR’s work, Ahmed’s story, and support #WithRefugees:

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  1. mszsu says

    This brings me joy

  2. MartinBalanag says

    I want shawarma!!! XC

  3. Nikhil John says

    Amazing vedios

  4. Andy Rhoads says

    Nothing about shawarma in this video, politically charged

  5. Erdinç Yılmaz says

    Yogurt is a Turkish food. Nothing greek about it lol.

  6. Brad Minor says

    Just made this and it was awesome

  7. Salim Youssef says

    This is not a shawerma. Whatever they did had no taste at all. As an arab I feel very attacked by what they did to one of the best dishes ( fun fact shawarma comes from Syria and Lebanon not Irak)

  8. GUNTARON says

    Its israeli

  9. FoodforThought says

    Why isn't Rie in this video???? This is bullshit

  10. Daily Press says

    My dad is a refugee

  11. Tayler Dobson says

    I could not find the recipe alone so I wrote it out if anyone wanted to make this without playing and pausing the vid. 😀

    2 1/2 lb Chicken- 10 min prep
    – 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    – 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
    – 1 tsp cumin
    – 1 tsp black pepper
    – 1tsp garlic powder
    – 1tsp cardamom
    – 1 tbsp sumac or substitute
    – 1 tbsp paprika
    – 1 tbsp salt
    – 1tsp turmeric
    – 4 tbsp olive oil
    – 1 tbsp lemon juice
    – 3 chopped or minced garlic cloves
    Mix well and marinate 1-12 hrs
    Broil for 16 min
    Sauce- 10 min prep
    – 1 cup Greek yogurt
    – 1 garlic clove minced
    – 1 tsp sumac or sumac substitute
    – 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
    – 1/4 tsp salt
    – 1/4 tsp pepper
    – 1 tbsp lemon juice
    (Optional- minced cucumber)
    – Chop chicken, add sauce, slice tomato and cucumber (i used 2 tomatoes and almost double cucumber, I also diced mine instead and made a melody of them and added about a cup of quinoa (I also salted my tomatoes before hand to drain the excess moisture before adding to the melody)), get pickles and prepare shawarma
    Potatoes- prep 25 min (I’m slow so 35)
    – preheat oven to 425
    – Take 6 med size potatoes and cut in half, cut the halves into 4-6 slices each to make wedges.
    – Season well and toss in a bowl
    – Oil a baking sheet then line with wedges (try not to layer them also)
    – Put in oven for 25 min
    – take out, Flip and put back in the oven for 25
    (Try and cook these before you pop you shawarma chicken in the oven and then pop them back in the oven at about the last 10 mins with the shawarmas to warm them. unless you have a duel oven or make them way earlier as then you may need more time to warm them)
    Then you can put the potatoes in your shawarma along with the other ingredients (about 2-4 wedges)🤠. And still have some left as a side.
    This yielded 4 people everyone got 2 or more shawarmas

  12. Abdul Rahman Sabbagh says

    That's not a good Shawarma, Shawarma should be fatty and moist, otherwise it would be very chewy

  13. Sofistisbet says

    Ηow many degrees i cook the chicken in the oven?

  14. Shahid Butt says

    Wars are never answers to problems. Millions of people get displaced and start a new living. Ahmed thank you for reaching out with your story. Ben you are doing a fantastic job with UNHCR. Keep up the work. For me, shawarma was side dish in this story. My heart goes out to all the unheard voices struggling at the refugee camps.

  15. dunduhn69 says

    Don't give me Shawarma unless it's on that big ass cone

  16. 朱Mr. says


  17. FoFo kahn says

    I sure they know it Overseas taste much better because the Meat tastes much better

  18. BOSANČERO says

    Only in America Jews and Muslims can come together good job America

  19. BladeObsession says

    Damn that stuff looks spicy as hell

  20. Amira Tora says

    This is so wholesome ❤️

  21. Najdi Izhar says

    It's just me or ahmed does sound like dave franco

  22. aestheticallyaura says

    Syria 🇸🇾 ❤️😘

  23. Deema Khunda says

    The discription says this video is mouth watering, well its apparently eye watering as well.

  24. __dont read my name__ says

    im watching this while eating shawarma

  25. wuwwuweewurywuwe owowwo says

    no shawarama this is döner

  26. Susan Brown says

    I'm eating a shawarma as I'm watching this

  27. Ghada Alshammari says

    Perfect video. Ben Stiller is one of my favorite human beings him and his parents too are a class act humble talented and kind hearted people! God bless them and may his beautiful mother rest in peace

  28. JAVID SHAIKH says

    I love shawarma in Bhiwandi

  29. Hasan Frasan says

    I would eat this just without pickles

  30. Karan Kumar says

    Written recipe anywhere?

  31. Mahdi Asaad says

    You don't know true love if you haven't eaten shawarma 😂

  32. Namish Shaikh says

    shawrma is love every time I have fried chicken I just cut it in to pieces place on a chapati aur roll add lots of mayonnaise grilled capsicum and salt and voila! 👌

  33. amani 122 says

    Shawarma is definitely delicious!

  34. Orhan Yazıcı says

    Türk döner kebap

  35. Cyril Games says

    I'm from Lebanon we make shawarma in the chicken shawarma u don't put tomato and cucumber

  36. Reem Ibrahim says

    This video is the best ever.. Just beautiful.. My Allah bless you all

  37. Nada Elraey says

    This was beautifully narrated and the story behind it made this episode the most special!

  38. NOUR says

    not shawrma 💔

  39. Ritesh Roy says

    Love Ben stiller

  40. Monica says

    Ahmed is such a sweet boy. Best wishes to him n his family

  41. Goal Den says

    I love you..

    Shawarma. Xox

  42. WenAna says

    Not a shawarma at all,it's totally different. If you're Arab you can relate.

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