How and Why To Mine Bitcoin Private Coin $BTCP |Nvidia|

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How and why to mine Bitcoin Private on the equihash algorith. Hiveos, SMOS and Windows how to.

Bitcoin Private Website


–server –user b1HiqtxdDAkWTF4c1mjgbdGbxws5pGzHKvU.soatrig –pass x –port 3632

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  1. Hey i need help when i click the application nothing pops up,

  2. Help i get this error every time "The Code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR120.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

  3. What is the weird thing you found the miners doing? Does it put the information and documents stored on your computer at risk

  4. Do you know you that with the help of Mr Gavin Tyler Antminer Hardware,you can mine 0.2 Bitcoin to 1 Bitcoin within two weeks?
    you can contact him for more info using this email ([email protected])

  5. Simplemining is the best software i use for mining. Nice video son!

  6. so why to mine it ? you fucking retarded fuck idiot. dont want to watch 14min stupid video you dumb

  7. why to mine a shitcoin? Zcash is the only one the rest are shit

  8. Hey what's up Son of a Tech I tried to mine BTCP using Nicehash on the SOAT Pool but my miner doesn't seem to show up on the pool why is this?

  9. I highly approve of your shirt choice! I was listening to MxPx this morning at work 😀 Also good info on BTCP. Thanks for the vids.

  10. I think I prefer rvn or pgn to btcp. Want to know your idea why you choose btcp (compared with rvn or pg)

  11. Hi I have gtx1060 6gb x6 gpu rig so which coin I mine to get good profit PLS sujjest

  12. This is the first video I actually disagree with, and that sucks. They BTCP just isn’t worth Mining honestly. It’s trading for $27…it’s really not worth it right now and, just yesterday, it’s found (Creighton) just bitched in a tweet about being able to get it listed on large exchanges.

  13. I got fucked when the fork happen. I was on cryptopia and they did not reward btcp. So I lost a lot of money that they stole.

  14. where is the why? 🙂

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