How to Burn Fat by Taking Cold Showers – Cold Shower Weight Loss Therapy


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This video is about how to burn fat by taking cold showers, a cold shower weight los therapy that could help anybody lose weight. Watch the video now to learn if this weight loss therapy is right for you. Waysandhow.


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  1. Gabo says

    I turn my shower as cold as possible and i usually stay for about 40 minutes everyday. I love cold showers

  2. Pepe V-V says

    I've been having cold shower for 14 years and im already used to it

  3. Lola patocka says

    Um does this really work I really need to know

  4. Lilchokes Lil says

    Cold showers didn’t get rid of my asthma

  5. Jordan Allen says

    The first time was freaking cold how do I get use go it??? Please help me out you guys

  6. 2HealthyLife says

    It great, good job keep it up

  7. Carol Lamb says

    thank you so much I was so fat,had no boyfriends and now I am skinny,active and have more boyfriends

  8. Mr. Knockout says


  9. Pramod H Nair says

    Thank you !

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