How to Create a Sigil: Powerful *Manifesting Technique*

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This video is an introduction to sigil magick. Sigils are great tools to use for manifesting goals, desires and ideas. This is a beginner friendly tutorial where I show you how to create a sigil and activate it.

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  1. Peace & prosperity fam! This is one of my favorite manifesting tools. If you have any questions drop a comment below. To join our group for daily exercises and videos visit . Love & light!

  2. does it have to look like a symbol, because I've been making sigils but turning it into a drawing.?so the symbol itself is more lost.

  3. i just made a sigil and i knew it was the one because i exclaimed and went "thats fuckin sick dude" so thank you i'm gunna keep this sigil forever :')

  4. oh my god I just found you and i already fucking love you <3

  5. The picture behind you makes it look like you have devil horns 😈😂 great video too!! Xxx

  6. Would you do a sigil for me to move and be around like minded people with a good paying job?

  7. Does it matter if I used 'Y' in my sigil?

  8. can I hang on to my sigil as an art piece? (i know you said to burn it) If i hang on to it do i block it by constantly looking at it?

  9. What is this all about – Im really confused. How about writing these symbols in the air with firesticks as the ancients did – this then gives them life? Or am I completely at a loss as to what is going on?

  10. I like to bury my sigils when I can and release the magick like that. As it slowly dissolves the magick start to work. Slow magick s strong magick.

  11. Is there a specific sigil I can use to protect myself from others that will I'll will on me? I was lied on at work and do to that persons lie, I was fired. Now having to file bankruptcy.

  12. Had to come back and say this stuff really works y’all , I manifested exactly what I wanted !

  13. I know this is an older video (& thank you for it) . . . But where is that ring from??? 😍😍😍

  14. Your ring keeps catching my attention! Where did you find this beauty???

  15. Haha funny how i ended up seeing this video….and yes my girl, new things are poppin this year. 🔮x.

  16. I like this video thanks so much!! Ur cool and pretty 😍

  17. 'Y' is a consonant. You didn't include that letter.

  18. Can one create their own alphabet and or their own key from which to create the sigil from?

  19. Fantastic video I love the way you did it and it is a great explanation but I do have to agree with one of the other comments that 9 is actually the number of completion. Then again I suppose it may matter what your particular given spirituality and or religion is perhaps this changes the effect of number and if not why. Where do you get the reference for using 7??

    Great video thank you for making it.

  20. Can I do this while typing ? Then draw it out in a paint app or something ? I have no use of my hands … yet .

  21. Very happy I came across your channel, thank you for these videos 🙂

  22. I’m just now getting into sigil magic. Thanks for the information it seems to align with all the other information on sigils.

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