How to Draw an Easy Orange with Soft Pastels (Subtitled on Screen)


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Today we will see how to paint an orange, very easy, with soft pastels, step by step.
If you like to paint and draw, this video is going to like you, today we see one of the most beautiful and spectacular art techniques, soft pastel. With a few color bars, we can achieve powerful effects and spectacular paintings.
This simple video introduction to the use of dry cakes is the first of several on the subject that will go up in the coming weeks, alternated with other videos of other techniques of drawing and painting, I hope you find it useful!
Materiales / Materials:
soft pastels
paper canson 180 gr. soft pastels paper

Music on this video / Música en el vídeo:



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Art Online Tutorials is a Free Drawing and Painting Tutorials Channel: Fine Art Alive and Funny is a channel where you can learn to draw and paint like a pro, but in an entertaining and fun way. The artist and professor of art Jose Manuel Gallego Garcia will guide you every video, every tutorial, step by step so you can learn and enjoy drawing and painting. You may draw or paint along with him or get drawing ideas. Anyway have fun with art and remeber: there is an artist in you.

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This is a how-to or howto channel to learn drawing and painting. May be you are to start drawing and painting or may be you need to know how to make money from drawing and painting, or even you wish to know how to improve drawing and painting skills. Here you will find how to!

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  1. Saria Akter says

    It's really very much helpful for beginners like me thanx a lot❤️

  2. *Flex Mallows* says

    Wow its so good!This video would help my assignment.

  3. ashmal 14 says

    i love it!! i make that orange with u nd follow ur techniques! love with the results!

  4. Samsul Alam says

    Sir, I really loved your techniques of drawing with soft pastels….I'm also working on soft pastels…amazing skill of painting you have..keep it up…👌👌

  5. Creeper Inmortal says


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