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  1. Unicorn Squad says

    That’s not funny and that’s mean to tell people to throw something at their Wii U.

  2. Rhudan Donesa says

    you are trying to tell us to break our wii u its just a waste of money if u break it u idiot

  3. the 1 and only TT says

    it works!

    the dislike button works!

  4. carson Rodgers says

    nope I ain't doing that

  5. 「QualityInternetTrash」 says

    How to play fortnite on the wii u

    1: through your wii u out
    2: get a switch
    3: write the words wii u on a sticky note
    4: place it on the switch dock
    5: download fortnite


  6. TAMIS The Fox says


  7. Brodie Daily play says

    You Stupid Guy I Wouldn’t Break my Wiiu

  8. Fearless’s 101 says

    U like ur own video loser

  9. Fearless’s 101 says

    I fuxk ur mom last night

  10. Fearless’s 101 says

    Fuck u bitch

  11. Arjin Cap says

    He got one like he dit iT self

  12. xxxtentacions. Codes says

    Your honestly not funny

  13. Janice Revales says

    Wow iam not gonne break wiiu

  14. Jpplayz Fortnite says

    You just want us to break our Wii U’s dummy

  15. Jpplayz Fortnite says

    It is

  16. Jpplayz Fortnite says


  17. The official Gamer Guy says

    This was a joke but telling people to brake the wii u is not cool

  18. Z3lda gam3r 15 says

    This was a JOKE please dont sue me…

  19. frozen squid says

    I tried this tactic but now I have broken class sliced into my hamd

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