How to Get out Grass Stains


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Rebecca Brand shows how to get out grass stains. I show grass stains on Fabric, and how to remove them with easy on hand remedies. Fabric stains are tough, and I’m doing a whole series on getting out stains like blood stains, mildew stains and more. I show how to use a pre stain treatment that works in this video.

I show how to use my Kenmore Elite machine, what settings to press on this video to show you how I do this grass stained fabric.

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  1. BaNayNay714 says

    Whistles aren’t clean😬😭

  2. Abeson Johnham says

    Sweet tips!

  3. JOHN MORENO says

    I love the way u teach people and everything it's fun a nice

  4. HappyHealthy Mama says

    This is so useful my kids are so active and always come back with stains

  5. Stephanie Reins says

    My kids are the worst. They stain everything. Need a powerful machine like this!

  6. Angelina Roberts says

    Very helpful!!

  7. Sally Winter says

    This will help with all the stains!

  8. Olivia White says

    definitely need a video for grease stains! Thanks Rebecca

  9. Guillermo Sanchez says

    I'm definitely gonna let my girlfriend about this one haha thanks

  10. Arlene Rodriguez says

    After my classes I like to lay on the grass and my pants get stained so much so Ill definitely try this trick on them thank you!

  11. crystal k says

    I have three boys and they all play sports, tried this trick and it works! Thank you!!!

  12. Rebecca Brand says

    gets the grass out

  13. whomeplay says

    Just a reminder, second request for red chili stains. Please! I smoke my grass, but can you get high by rolling in it? It would take a lot of grass and over my limit.:-) My Little Butterfly!

  14. Halsey Robert says

    How about getting rid of old blood stains??

  15. Byron Chandler says

    Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your tips are very helpful. What's your best tip for making gravy? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. <3

  16. z y says

    Hi Rebecca, I better not comment,because you know what its going to be about… Good video tho. I was only talking to a friend of mine about the uses of wine vinegar. Love ya sweetheart x

  17. Alien Alien says

    You looking very sexy to day

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