How to Get out Grass Stains

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Rebecca Brand shows how to get out grass stains. I show grass stains on Fabric, and how to remove them with easy on hand remedies. Fabric stains are tough, and I’m doing a whole series on getting out stains like blood stains, mildew stains and more. I show how to use a pre stain treatment that works in this video.

I show how to use my Kenmore Elite machine, what settings to press on this video to show you how I do this grass stained fabric.

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  1. I love the way u teach people and everything it's fun a nice

  2. My kids are the worst. They stain everything. Need a powerful machine like this!

  3. definitely need a video for grease stains! Thanks Rebecca

  4. After my classes I like to lay on the grass and my pants get stained so much so Ill definitely try this trick on them thank you!

  5. I have three boys and they all play sports, tried this trick and it works! Thank you!!!

  6. Just a reminder, second request for red chili stains. Please! I smoke my grass, but can you get high by rolling in it? It would take a lot of grass and over my limit.:-) My Little Butterfly!

  7. Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your tips are very helpful. What's your best tip for making gravy? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. <3

  8. Hi Rebecca, I better not comment,because you know what its going to be about… Good video tho. I was only talking to a friend of mine about the uses of wine vinegar. Love ya sweetheart x

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