How to install Homebrew on your Wii U


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Mini Partition Tool DL:

Extract on to root of sd card – Wii u Hack Files DL:

Download wii hack package,extract it on to the root of your sd card

Follow all steps,To avoid White Screen remember to choose the right menu on Server Page

5.5.1 and below only

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  1. Brantendo says

    10/10 IGN

  2. Ray's gone SuperSaiyan says

    I put in the same one you did and it didn't work

  3. ScriptlessProductions says

    I’ll just buy the damn games way to much

  4. MishkaMachinima says

    It works? (nov 2018)

  5. Najatski gaming says

    Say if we screwed up. Could we fix it like if our Wii u gets broken by this? And how if possible? Just curious.

  6. daddy mack says

    I don't see any unallocated files

  7. Ed G says

    my sd card wont read anymore after setting the partition to FAT, have tried changing back to NTFS and still wont work

  8. Magus says

    Hello! We are missing a Wii U and I have followed the steps. However I can’t find loadiine gx2 all I have is homebrew launcher options?

  9. His Last Days says

    Will I lose all my Wii U games that are on there now that I paid for?

  10. Mason Clark says

    Hey, I get Error Code: 112-2903 every time I try and run Loadiine [email protected] 0.3 SD (5.5.0 – 5.5.1)

    Can someone please help me? I feel like I'm right here at the finish line and can't get it right.

  11. Arturo Di Benedetto says

    Mi inculo tua madre coglione cazzo metti opaco ti spacco loprop

  12. Davidtripyskyesss _-*Vlogs*-_ says

    2018 this still works??

  13. Sean VLOGS says


  14. MANDY Kandola says

    Do u use pc?

  15. Urbina Multiservices says

    Quick question… can you play online? I know that in the Wii i was able to play online without any issues..

  16. mohammed ihsan says

    Hi there can you tell me how could i know if my wii u is hacked cuz i dont know and it it's hacked can i un hacked it please im wating

  17. Gabe sonntag says

    Dose this still work?

  18. American Gangster says


  19. Christina Rose says


  20. bready says

    can you do it with an usb pen?

  21. Zimowy Tiger says

    i dont have sd card :((((((((

  22. M00NLightNinja says

    can you do this with out a SD reader

  23. Weejew says

    I only have a usb stick would that work? or do I need a sd

  24. andrew c says

    You sound like Cory from trailer park boys

  25. Gabriel Martins says


  26. ISROLL says

    What does it mean when “ the Wii U gets bricked

  27. VincentGamer2007 says

    Are…are you using your fingers instead of your Wii u pen

  28. Hugh Ragsdale says

    Is there any way to get my backup catalog to scroll like yours? I have 5.5.2, used Haxchi. Thanks

  29. BupsAreA DyingRace says

    Can you do it with a USB?

  30. Jorgidan 92 says

    Does this still work?

  31. DrToxic says


  32. Garrett says

    Is it safe to play games online after installing home brew?

  33. SMk 209 says

    Would this work for 5.5.2?

  34. Your Nintendo Feed says

    Still works?

  35. Franco Yauri says


  36. Daniel Fabre says

    Can i use an external hd instead of a sd card?

  37. Bagels says

    Does the SS card have to be from the Wii U?

  38. Matt Gallagher says

    Could you explain how to block wii U updates from happening?
    Also, why do we need 2GB unformatted left over on the SD card?

  39. Chad da god says

    I'm wanting to do this bit I don't want to brick my wii u… Will this possibly happen?

  40. asatch64 says

    Does this work on 5.2.2

  41. Furricane says

    SD card?

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