How To: Legendary SHAMMGOD Basketball Move

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In today’s video, Coach Rocky from ILoveBasketballTV will show you how to do the legendary shammgod basketball move. He will also show you some counter basketball moves that will help make this move even more effective.

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  1. Wawwww that's great
    Since i joined you my style and knowlegde increase and keep steping foward.i love your lessons I Keep them tight.and can't go without congratulate you my coach.all my respect

  2. This fucking good coach!! I'll try this for sure.

  3. Can you drop more combo moves that’s deadly but barely used

  4. Nice vid sir , please make any vid. On different lap move

  5. Im your fan since you get happy that you get million subc.

  6. ill shamgod your pussy ass any day you fucker! I love you too !

  7. Thnx coach rock do a vid on leg workout I’m trying to get defined like u

  8. Thank you. Really good stuff to use on the court!

  9. Good video coach but one thing is that this move followed with a layup makes the layup footwork weird. If I’m going for the left sided layup the footwork for the one-two is left-right. But this makes it to be right-left which is the wrong footwork. Please answer thanks

  10. Broke my hand about 2 months ago. Out of plaster but still can't play for a month. Pray for me.

  11. I can say your players and me we help shooting a new way

  12. The shammgod used to be a deadly unexpected move now its really easy to stop

  13. I have a problem I shoot the ball to close to my face like the ball is touching my face can you help me plz

  14. Hello Coach can you make where to begin. From Noob to Pro. Badly need it

  15. This video just won me a basketball game today 40 to 41
    Thanks coach rock I scored the game winner

  16. Coach rocky you should make a video and what you think about the egt YouTube channel

  17. Can you make a video on a made basketball workout for elite players full

  18. This legit helped me learn how to dunk within 2 weeks, it's actually so fun being able to dunk on your friends xD , i hope this helps you as much as it has helped me ( i saved my pocket money to buy this lol)


  19. Can you show some moves for posts and centers.

  20. Coach can you plz plz make a playlist for beginners?? I really want learn and play basketball!!!

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