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In this tutorial, I show you my way of making your very own customised ‘do-it-yourself’ cutters using something that can be found in your pantry. You can use this method to make cutters of any shape and size.

This is a simplified version of my premium tutorial called ‘5 Sugar Flowers with DIY Cutters’. The full tutorial comes with downloadable course material which contains templates for 5 different flowers. Here’s the link to the premium tutorial…

This tutorial at Yeners Way…

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  1. Elena Fox says

    Thank you so much for your videos

  2. Andrea Lloyd says

    To keep the shape long term and make these a little safer for home use, I’d make the strips a little taller and then dip the top half of the cutter in plasti-dip. That way you have a sharp cutting side and a dull side to press your hand on. More of an idea if using for cookies with kids. Other metal cutters also have the top edge folded over to give more structure and a dull side – but this might be harder to bend and shape.

  3. Belén Lazaga says

    Thank you for sharing this whit us!! Lots of love! ❤

  4. mssosoamer says

    most educational channel I love you 💔🎀♥️♥️

  5. carmen nicolescu says

    Fantastic. Thank you

  6. Ruslana Pedersen says

    Genius as always 👍💖

  7. Nelida Huaracayo Quispe says

    Saludos desde Perú soy seguidora de sucanal y admiro su trabajo felicitaciones

  8. Jami Herlihy says

    Thank you so much for being so gracious with your knowledge.

  9. Yaniii Nvz says

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😊 gracias! Es de gran ayuda usted! Mis saludos desde Argentina!

  10. mimi de arevalo says

    Como siempre esperando sus videos y este muy educativo es una buena forma de economizar. Que Dios lo siga bendiciendo

  11. leed celis says

    Excelente video… Muy educativo. Gracias!!!

  12. Shayleys L says

    It's a pleasure to listen and watch your tutorials. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  13. America Segundo says

    Would love to have seen you use them in the end, but I like the idea!
    I tried it with a soda can but the metal is too thin, it breaks when making a sharp corner. Just a tip to those reading this, use a thicker metal.
    Thank you for all the advice!

  14. Rebeca Busuioc says

    You are the boss

  15. HMBOLOS E CIA says

    Muito interessante sua idéia.. Parabéns😊 👏 👏 👏

  16. Leonor del Carmen Muñoz Reyez says

    Hola buem dia chef gracias x enseñar sús conocimiemto💕💕

  17. Hanae Biyaali says

    Merci bcp chief


    Soy Paola de Montevideo, Uruguay Lo sigo siempre es un MAESTRO PARA MI

  19. E S says

    Chef everytime I watch you vids I get more and more inspired. I am a pastry chef who started a buisness at home but now I will have to go back to work to stay afloat. It is very difficult. Any advice.

  20. Hamideh Orra says

    What a wonderful way to recycle, and save money. Chef when you cut your flowers, are not the edges sharp? Should I bend one side of the strip first, and then continue bending my shape. Or will I not get a good result. Your opinion please.thank you.

  21. María Alejandra Carrizo says

    Wow , genial el tutorial , maestro de maestros !!!!

  22. Edital de Comunicação says


  23. Edegar Lealdino says

    Very good like!

  24. Sathsarani De silva says

    Thank you very much sir i realy interest your lesans 😃😃

  25. Di Jones says are the best 🌟😘💐

  26. Joice Andrade says

    Obrigado,trabalho com o biscuit sou de Boa Esperança MG-Brasil , não sei o inglês mas admiro muito seu trabalho e me inspira no meu… Obrigada pela sua grande ajuda,grande abraço Deus o abençoe sempre….

  27. Grace Peter says

    Chef thank you very much sir. God bless you sir.

  28. Estrella Wundsch says

    As I have told so many times, Chef you are a master! Thank you and blessings.

  29. Ro Xi says

    I love your work! Inspiring!!!

  30. Amira El Khoury says

    God protect you

  31. Sunsole Limonta says

    Hola Yener, thanks for a new amazing Video, that is going to save me a lot of money.

    Here in my city the cutters are expensive and not really qualitatives. And always same shapes.
    But now with your idea today. .. yaaaay going to make my own ones.
    You are a good teacher. Indeed.
    Thanks again
    God bless you
    Greetings from Germany

  32. Agusta Sister says

    What about using and exsisting cookie cuttter

  33. Abo Yahya says

    رااااااائع جدا"

  34. Donna Hoyt says

    Chef, you always have such useful tips to save money. And to make cake decorating an ease for all involved. Simplicities, knowledgeable, artistic, ….Those are all wonderful qualities of a great teacher. .
    Thank you for showing us this video.

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