How To Protect Your Color Treated Curls – Addressing Haircolor Fear


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Hello, Haircolor Community! Haircolor Is A Luxury. Do you want to try haircolor, but you’re afraid of messing up your Curl Pattern? In todays video, I share a Few Tips For Color Treated Curls. These Tips Have Helped Me Maintain My Curl Pattern And My Overall Hair’s Health. Haircolor Is A Luxury. We have to start treating it as Such!

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Neutralize Unwanted Tones:

The Importance Of Toning On Level:

The BEST Protein for Color Treated Hair:

Olaplex Vs. Protein:
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  1. sugamehoney says

    Awesome tips… I just got all over hilites… my curls are fine… do you recommend Olaplex as a at home treatment. I have a friend who can get it for me.

  2. Miss Maww says

    I dye my hair like every 3 to 4 months but I do not use heat much maybe once a year if ever n I normally style my hair mostly in twists honestly I never went to a hair dresser I do it my self home n my hair texture is the same n I also trim my hair like 4 times in the year so yea I am not one to run from colour I honestly think my job save me from overdoing it with colour lol

  3. Ariel Dregory says

    Whenever a client sits in my chair and wants to take on a color that is high maintenance I always ask about the amount of heat they use on their hair. I personally feel like lightener and heat can compromise the hair a lot quicker than either used on it's own.

    I down for switching it up every once in a while but like you said without a break your hair doesn't get the opportunity to bounce back.

  4. Itz New New says

    Oooohhh chile where was this video earlier this year?! Luckily I've been following you for some time & know that you lead by example so I made sure for about a yr that I really wanted to go blonde & keep up the maintenance. Well in my case up the maintenance since I was already using the Aphrogee system. Now I'm uping it to once a month along with trims & I've also incorporated deep conditioners weekly, water everyday, & Rosewater nightly!

  5. Rob And Kiara says

    Hair color is high maintenance! Say it again for the ladies in the back 😆 lol. I’ve been color treated for 5+ years and my curls are still in tact 🙌🏾

    These are awesome tips! Thanks ♥️

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