How To Win Without Weapons | President | PUBG Mobile


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  1. Abdullahi Nuradin says

    kan du prata svenska

  2. ledio lalaj says

    Lovely video😍
    Btw, how is the recoil of Akm this easy to handle?

  3. Meenu Aggarwal says

    Who is president ?? I see your all vedio but still don't know 🤔😑🤨😥😣

  4. Salman Ahmad says

    So many headshots😍😘

  5. Nishi Kanta says

    Make 3 president in one match

  6. Jyotsana Singh says

    Tak tak tak tak tak gun sound


  7. AGENT GAMING says

    I m a new youtuber check my skills in my videos if u want..can u add me with u to play and can u advertise my channel plz bro

  8. AGENT GAMING says

    Can i play with u

  9. hyper gamer says

    Damn Europe server is easy 😍

  10. Avishkar Wagh says


  11. AsH iK says

    Wow. How do u guys handle the recoil.. Plss tell.. 😍😍

  12. Evildevil [thug]gamer says

    LoL i was haveing a dot finally cleared u both r bro

  13. Indian Academy of Public Speaking says

    levinho you are my guru . it means master are my master in pubg

  14. Sai abhinash says

    In Which you play pubg

  15. Rakesh Ranjan says

    Are you playing in mobile ya pc

  16. VS々๛NAV FAK says

    You are pro now

  17. Alexander B says

    thumbnail is too misleading bro. try to use real screenshot. other than that great video as always

  18. Game Over says

    Play well I'm in love with your way of playing. I do not know what to say. my best kill is 18

  19. Mouki says

    Nice you skill men)😏👏

  20. Kishan Yadav says

    Hello levinho. Bro i want to became youtuber what can i do for get like you bro i need help i maked my channel . I am trying my self best and i am big fan of your and sevou

  21. Sohan Jat says

    bhai aap kisi jagah par se ye right

  22. TNT๛ SHUBHAM says

    How noob actually your enemies are! Lol I literally laughed seeing them running in open like they are here in the play garden and not in battlefields😂🤣🤣

  23. Meherin Sadaf says

    Fake thamnail

  24. Pynskhem Dkhar says

    Mr president is save😁😁😁

  25. Nornadiah MdYusoff says

    Lol 🤣

  26. Eka Susanti says

    Can u fight indonesian player pubgm like bennymoza

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