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Thermaltake is considering legal embattlement with Mayhems over the use of the word “Pastel” in its upcoming coolant. AMD, separately, has gained CPU marketshare.
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Hardware news this week talks Intel fabrication plant expansion, Thermaltake’s new legal fight with Mayhems, NVIDIA’s over-investment in cryptocurrency, Softbank’s withdrawal from NVIDIA, Zen architecture marketshare, and more.

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Host: Steve Burke
Editorial, Reporting: Eric Hamilton
Video: Josh Svoboda

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  1. Mona ViCat says

    I would like to see #RIPjay Radeon VII edition

  2. Raul Saavedra says

    But have either Thermaltake or Mayhem already paid the copyrights for the corresponding vocals and consonants they use in their names, "T", "M", "a", "e"… ? 😉

  3. News Shark says

    The word pastel being trademarked is bullshit. I commend them from not taking the easy way out and dodging it! I mean next thing Nvidia is going to trademark the term GPU and then AMD is going to have to rename those things that are no longer GPUs

  4. Helljumper256 says

    Pastel refers to the color of the coolant not the name of the chemical used for coolant case closed.

  5. EQUINOX says

    As far as Thermaltake vs Mayhems, well Thermaltake do not have a case as you can in fact trademark a generic word when it is in relation to a specific product, take for example Mars Bars, Mars is a generic word but the name has been trademarked for use with a chocolate bar surrounding caramel and nougat, which means while others can try and copy the bar they can't use the same name along with it.

  6. 1AmElectricman says

    FU Mayhem you can't copyrighting words. I hope TT gut you.

  7. T. Davis says

    Just bought an all AMD computer for the first time!!!!!!!!!! First time in 35 years!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  8. BuGGzLoVeR's TECH says

    Thermaltake taking the higher ground lol.

    Okie dokie, maybe they should look how there own product stack & how that resembles other company's products before doing things like this.

  9. Peter Homa says

    Inception Steves, omg!

  10. Henk159 says

    If your trademark IS a generic word and your licensing is a 100 pound donation (which you could argue means the actual license is free as no money is going towards the license holder). if your making offers like that, pretty sure you know damn well your trademark is going to be invalidated once challenged. And Thermaltake also knows that license agreement doesn't last forever and what then?

  11. MTB Scotland says

    Thermaltake will probably pronounce pastel properly though 😛

  12. CheapBastard1988 says

    Look at what Thermaltake did to Caselabs. Thermaltake is just a dick company, which is why Jayztwocents bans them.

  13. Rasmus Berlin says

    Thermaltake should reject the offer, donate £1000, and call it "P4s731" or "Pästël". 😉

  14. Carvin0 says

    All Thermaltake has to do is say: Yes, we'll donate money to charity, but no we won't agree to a deal. Isn't that an obvious way out? I agree with Thermaltake's position. Licensing a generic word sets a very bad precedent.

  15. Melvin Klein says

    I can absolutely see why Thermaltake wants to use 'Pastel' in their coolant name.
    People know what they can expect from a coolant with the name 'Pastel' in it. So its more likely to be found by potential customers.

    I'm not an artist, but is pastel not a description for paint which refers to some aspects of a color? In that case it would also desribe the color of the coolant, would be a descriptive word and could not be trademarked (at least in Germany. And from my understanding of UK law also not there.).
    As far as I see it Thermaltake is in the right here.

  16. Michael Deneys says

    Re: Gigabyte layoffs – AM4 platform not requiring upgrades each CPU gen might also be hitting mobo sales

  17. Neurot1c Studios says

    Bwah ha haha, suffer well NVIDIA, soon your RTX cards will be dirt cheap and MINE!!!!

  18. sirius4k says

    Thermaltake is a bag of assholes, but trademarking a word is retarded. It also shows how the trademarking system "works"; wth is wrong with YT? All text is in bold??

  19. chris thorney says

    tbh i get it from thermaltakes side their doing the world a favour because it sets a precidence in court that you can or cant trademark generic words its kinda good on thermaltake

  20. Larry Gall says

    In regard to Thermaltake stealing CaseLabs designs and making knockoffs, effectively killing CaseLabs.. Think of this when you speak against Trump's import tariffs on Chinese goods and the work he's doing with IP theft. If Clinton, or any other socialist were in the office, they'd be giving our uranium deposits to Russia in exchange for "donations" to the Clinton "foundation." ..Oh wait, that already happened.

  21. Destiny Fan says

    SoftBank has 'arab money', they are kept afloat by rich states in the middle east.

  22. Machina Inc says

    The water cooling scene isn’t that big. Using “pastel” name or not is almost irrelevant cos the people that water cool PC know the market and the ones that dont they’ll see what other people use, see forums or videos, etc. They could just use a different name and start their own thing.

  23. Raging Monk says

    Thinking of changing cooling fluid. Silver is not a "Pastel" is it? Want to avoid this mess. lol

  24. Destiny Fan says

    Interesting how this outlet is not an Nvidia shill like LTT

  25. Ståle Helde says

    I dunno. Corsair's trademarked "Hydro Series", and hydro is very generic term. Could Mayhem get around the issue by calling theirs the "Pastel Series"?

  26. Gorbaz The Dragon says

    Count me in on "I don't care" as far as thermaltake goes… I think they are a disgusting disease to the industry and people should not buy their products.

  27. MrKZdemos says

    Fuck thermal take they contributed to putting cl out buisness

  28. Larry Gall says

    Pastel shouldn't be a trademark, they're a palette of colors. It would lead to worse things patented. Mahem's and Thermaltake are trademarkable items, but pastel, fluorescent, day-glo, latex, water soluble, oil based… what's next? Steve, you said they should "just pick a different name".. to put on their pastel colored coolant / additive? What else do you call pastel colors? It's like saying "stop calling potatoes spuds " ..Why should we?

  29. ajar says

    Wow dude, why doesn't thermaltake just make the donation regardless? Ezpz

  30. Synth Love says

    I don't think people like Gigabyte a whole lot. Who wants an orange GPU or Mobo?

  31. Synth Love says

    Thermaltakes custom loop coolants are really really bad. I've built two different systems using their white opaque coolant. Both of their ek D5 pumps stopped working within a year due to sediment building up in the pump. Cleaning the pumps fixed it but it shouldn't have happened this quickly.

  32. Pienimusta says

    "The Council Of Steves"

  33. Staycalm2010 says

    do you get to keep the LN2 bottle or do you have to return it?

  34. Rui Amaral says

    Thermaltake took the right choice. It's illegal to register a generic word so they don't have to pay anything. If they concede, it will set a dangerous precedent that may end up being a major problem for everyone because whose to say that no one will try to register the word "water" and charge for every companie using that word when referring to a water cooler.
    We've had enough of this scumbag companies trying to make money from courts as opposed to making it from products.

  35. Chrysippus says

    They could claim that they're not calling it Pastel but just using the word pastel as an adjective. Still, hope they win and set a precedent.

  36. Nomadthewolf says

    You are dead wrong on the Pastel issue. No company should have a copyrighted name of family of colors. Saying that Thermaltake is the "bad guy" in this 100% wrong. As they are standing up for what is correct.

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