I Got Kicked From My Guild?! Don’t Cry Baby – Guild Quest Video 5/23/2018 – They Dropped The Hammer


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  1. Blipy says

    i use lisa

  2. Otter_Espada says

    It's funny how they'd kick a highly active person yet don't give two shits about non active players

  3. 争Zephyros_Enigma says

    If anyone is interested there are spots open in my guild called 争Strife you can either reply to this comment or add me on bleach id is 64 464 136 Zephyros is my name, if you have discord you can also message me there my name is Zephyros#3817. Advanced players only going for S league

  4. Salem al-suwaidi says

    Yo spite, i tried a new game called Honkai impact 3d today which is based on an anime i think and it’s lit, try it out it’s a 3rd person game style available on appstore and playstore

  5. Akeem Scott says

    what that music in the back ground lol

  6. Snow McSnow says

    Guild function is too little too late into the game, so yeah I got kicked from mine and couldn't care less.

  7. O'Malley Henderson says

    Yo its Swirly the PokeGod himself whats good?

  8. Shadow Williams says

    Spite: Is-Is that Exodia?!!
    Klab: Exodia Destroy him!!.

  9. Gin Tonic says

    as cursed member, i lold a lot

  10. XatreyuX says

    Justice bro cx

  11. Roberto Gonzalez says

    TYBW Renji is good too

  12. IssaRecon says


  13. Gaoash Zamikeal says

    Don’t cry baby ^_^

  14. Kogarasumaru says

    dont cry pirates…

  15. Ven-88 says

    Thanos: This does put a smile on my face.

  16. Raphaelx94 says

    You reacting to that Pirates guild was the funniest shit

  17. PralineXV says

    Yoruichi has a big ass

  18. Christopher Mauro-Barias says

    I have an S7 edge too. i hate how it lags. it wasnt like this half a year ago. I feel the more BBS update the harder it gets..

  19. Spooky Winter says

    It’s better off me quitting bleach because all my summons I get shafted and it makes me cry

  20. honk honk says

    Mind tosh is recharge 😂😂😂

  21. Jared Stroman says

    I'm using tybw renji… he's a beast

  22. Nicanor Munji says

    Spite, fan of your videos!

    But bleach cowman has said that he uses an app that lets him maximize his android cuz his shit was lagging! give it a shot might help!

  23. marled animefan says

    Gonna go with Toshiro cause he's my go-to for this quest!!
    Just curious: why are you using a red bait not Yuki on him???

  24. BleachEmpireBBS says

    fam i got s7, they wear down easy. Amazing phones just bad hardware xD. slap all those videos and tracks on a external and clean up with device mait

  25. d o r a e r i says

    klab pulled thru. man's material

  26. Nate A. says

    Bro. I just sign up for commenting. Da Word, Da word! Giggle* dont cry baby lmao, o nooo

    Bto, you made my day hahaha

  27. Blue Wave says

    Don't cry e-e

  28. karetsu889 says

    I’ve been using Tag Team Ichigo Full SAR. They can pull out a clutch S Rank for me.

  29. Mohsin -Pkಠ_ಠ says


  30. McFeR 02 says

    is renji goood here?

  31. Albert Hernandez says

    Bro that nice Persona music

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