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Hello guys! Today’s video will delve into a company that has recently taken the center stage: Esports Ecosystem ; with its arrival, it brings promises of a better future for the FGC community. Is it true? Will it live to everyone’s expectations? Hopefully this video will shed some light on the matter!

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  1. There is no benefit in using a cryptocurrency in this situation. The risk is substantial however as the price can fluctuate rapidly especially after a large payout for a tournament like Evo unless value equal to or greater than the withdrawn payout is put in at the same time. In tournament situations this is what happens when you use crypto. 10000k is given out. Current cash value is 10 cents per coin so at announcement of tournament the winners should receive $1000 in cash correct? Well kind of. See as soon as one person exchanges the crypto for cash that crypto drops in value so if you had a large payout like with evo the first person to cash out might get 10 cents per coin but the last person might end up only getting 5 cents if no one else was actively rebuying that crypto coin (ie converting cash into that particular crypto) to bring the price back up. So in this case crypto is a terrible idea for this model. Block chain has it's place but it's not here. Sticking with a cash model is far safer especially in confirming prize amounts. Doing it like this will most likely screw over some players getting paid what they thought they won. Crypto is so unstable in price currently that even attendees going to the bitcoin convention couldnt use bitcoin to purchase tickets.

  2. Well, what is certain is that if noone does nothing, nothing will change, and with no changes there's no improvement….

  3. This is a very detailed video on ESE, what they stand for, and what they're trying to achieve. I believe that there is a bright future in both cryptocurrency and eSports. Keep up the good work!

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