Joji and Rich Brian Make a Classic Japanese Street Food | Feast Mansion


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Takoyaki is one of Joji’s favorite Japanese street snacks. But what happens when the octopus balls are stuffed with cheeseburger and s’more ingredients? After an off-the-wall taste test supplied by Joji’s caterer, the guys decide to recreate the Osaka street-food staple all by themselves. Armed with a griddle, some diced octopus, and a whole lot of batter, Joji and Rich Brian give themselves an impromptu takoyaki tutorial while sending shots at celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay. Will Brian and Joji make enough takoyaki for the party? Will Flay and Fieri catch these hands? Will J. Cole show up!? Find out on all new episode of Feast Mansion.

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  1. First We Feast says

    Who would win in the Guy Fieri vs Bobby Flay cage match?

  2. Arachnicution says

    Music sucks ass

  3. I'm a big boy now says

    Takoyaki god

  4. death convention says

    Something has to be going on between those two or Donald Trump isn't a carrot 0-0

  5. Incognito Mode says

    whats the outro song

  6. Stone Mitchell says

    "Best Fuckin Cooking Show in The World" should not have quotations on it.

  7. hiiii107 says

    Just think about how Joji used to make videos of him screaming with a bald man who spits chocolate

  8. Rick Brann says

    Let Ya Nuts hang

  9. Prince of War says

    10:18 – the sound my dad makes when he's having sex

  10. Sauce Onyou says

    I love when Brian spits some Indonesian shit like dragonflies biting your dick. That shit cracks me up

  11. ナイル側 says


  12. Dagon Dagonowski says

    papa…………………………..come back

  13. Daniel ShadeSlayer says

    how did filthy frank end up on a cooking show…

  14. christy chen says

    i miss the takoyaki from taiwan 😖😖

  15. It's Just Liz says

    This is the cooking show of 2018

  16. It's Just Liz says

    Love Brian so much like dang!

  17. Flaming_ Neo says

    Joji trying to keep pink guy in bay.

  18. bella Moseley says

    6:15 cute af ❤❤👌☁ lol

  19. elfrida rifatul chusniah says

    Brian Imanuel Soewarno ❤

  20. Donnie Darko says

    its the shades that make the filthy frank

  21. Luna Doll says

    I love these guys so much

  22. iGleeson says

    My last two brain cells cooking Asian street food…

  23. crazy moustache says

    make a classic japanese street food. SPELLING 100

  24. Peter Da says

    I can't stop laughing at Jojis cooking skills compared to brians

  25. Tender Sheep says

    What's the name of the song at the end of the episode???

  26. im a fucking sandwich as everbody else says

    i want a remix just of them breathing because the takoyaki were too hot

  27. Aniya Surratt says

    does anyone know where jojis shirt is from?????????

  28. Sam Weiss says

    You should make 30 more of these

  29. Nykivia Hunter says

    why is nobody talking about brians wink when he said "i never ate an insect in my life" ?

  30. Super saiyan Lord says

    I'm an epic gamer

  31. sub 2 PewDiePie says

    Let the dragonfly bite your dick

  32. Teesh C says

    3:36 Brian is funny as fck hahah

  33. IPutAFirecrackerUpMyAnusAndLitItUp says

    ever just wonder what joji is thinking about, or how he's feeling, or if he ever misses making filthy frank videos…

    cause same

  34. CookieMonster says

    Why does filthy frank speak so odd now?

  35. Baka Gaijin says

    My man Joji made a whole ass song about takoyaki and dares to stand there like he don’t know how to make it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😔

  36. Ded Boi says

    9:27 frank is trying to escape his character

  37. Alex Nguyen says

    When joji say welcome to the feast mansion, gives mr good memories of the filth

  38. Fee Fee says


  39. Gabe Pena says

    The videos are still there , and I’m sure they always will be .. so he’s not gone .. he’s just someone else now .. just like all of you aren’t the person you were when you were younger , you’re someone else , but the memories don’t die ..

  40. Roselyn Sanchez says

    he wearing the same pants ?????

  41. Savage Ninja says

    Yo does no one care about the girls ass at the beginning?

  42. Adam Muhammad says

    Brian juga ikutan mitos capung 😂

  43. David Mark says

    Johnny DoBongs! Lol!

  44. Glue Food says

    One guy fieri punch XD

  45. Mady Berry says

    Song?? 👉🏻0:01

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