Legend of Zelda Wind Waker on Dolphin Emulator

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  1. dont even waste your time with this shit…the controls are wayyy to hard to play comfortably on a keyboard…

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  3. i use a 360 controller too, do you have it configured a differnt way or just like the gamecube?

  4. I only get like 17fps in the open world like here in closed areas it's like 24 FPS :/ with 2.2 amd dual cord an 8.800 Gt time to update my pc I guess

  5. how do u configure the control to keyboared

  6. its telling me to burn it to a disc after I download the .zip

  7. what is that emulator compatable with? like what version of windows, what video card etc..?

  8. I think they have the rom for download harddrivefailed.blogspot.com/

  9. I have the same problem (sort of ) I can still walk but as soon as I walk into a house it goes black. Please help guys!

  10. @gorabadabadingdong happening to me also. where did you get your download from?

  11. my screen goes black right after the bird taking his sister scene

  12. When i downloaded it and got past the first cutscene Nothing happened… Just black.. Can someone help?

  13. I have it on the gamecube but tried to emulator also. Seems my pc cant pull it off:( game speed is at 50 % on the pc. Any hints for me for the dolfin?. Sound etc and voices all works on the emu though. Help is surely appriciated.

    Reason I want on the pc is to capture it.

  14. Zelda The Wind Waker Walkthrough in HD on my channel !

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