Live Trade – Elliot Wave Theory, RSI, Histogram, MACD – $700 Profit in 2 hours.


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Up $800 today. Easy trading.

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  1. noel watson says

    Phil, I'm in awe of your trading skills. You are such a legend! I just wondered how much of your success you would attribute to your IQ. My personal IQ is only 118. Would you reckon that this may be enough for a modicum of success if I really put my mind to learning about trading.

  2. F says

    I felt the emotions on this one

  3. Chance Barnett says

    Have fun on your trip homie 🙂

  4. Chance Barnett says

    Baaaaaaam made 130 CAD last night cus of your strategy. (Iron Branch)

  5. Daniel Slavin says

    My favorite human

  6. Kladbase says

    Funny guy..

  7. pharoahscurse says

    trusting tools and entering with conviction.

  8. what a shambles says


  9. Jedi Surfer says

    Very real video. Could sense the doubt and potential regret at one point just like frequently happens to me before the price tide changes. Trading is really a lot about learning to trust yourself and control emotions when a lot is at stake, hence quite difficult to learn. Thanks for sharing these moments. I caught the long breakout before this trade. Definitely less stressful for some reason. Not confident enough to do quick short moves on Bitmex yet. Working on it though. Watching your short moves almost live, while I can still remember how the market felt to me at that moment is an amazing learning experience. Thanks for sharing! Do you have two alternate ways to access internet at all times when you travel and trade or do you adjust your trading style to travel mode?

  10. Rick Deckard says

    Thanks a lot for this, great to see you show how to deal with certain trading situations, very helpful & much appreciated.

  11. Juan Ramirez says

    Wow, i don’t know if to be educated or hungry!
    Thanks for the video

  12. RT LW says

    you put a lot of skin in the game. don't you think that a smaller position and not being negative 1k before seeing profit is safer if you play bigger moves?

  13. ice man says

    Hey buddy! I just did the same trade as you with ETH … then tuned in to see you nail it too – Bam!

  14. Abi D says

    My question is on what time frame do you look for the elliot waves. I struggle to plot them and that throws me off and make me not want to get into a trade. Are there any specific rules to picking each waves on a trend?

  15. Chris says

    This is the shit I am talking about. Thank you sir! Enjoy that sushi.

  16. Bryan Kho says

    Love these videos!

  17. JiggyPatel says


  18. Blank says

    what keyboard u using

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