LOW CARB Cereal Recipe Replacement [PALEO FRIENDLY]


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STOP The Cereal Insanity with this Low Carb Cereal Recipe. It’s time to stop the cereal insanity for you and your kids. In this video, I’m sharing why the “healthy” cereals you’re eating are stopping you, and your family, from getting the results you want.

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What kind of cereal do you and your kids eat?
Corn Flakes & Fruit Loops? If you’re like pffffff…Fruit Loops, that’s junk food, I eat healthy cereal like Corn Flakes and Special K. If that’s you, get ready to be surprised about what I’m going to say.


But YOU didn’t fail, the food manufacturer’s deceiving marketing hype has failed you. When I first started my journey, I also thought the packaged cereals were healthy.

So I was upset, when I first learned what the ingredients inside these cereals were doing to my body. Let’s be real.

Food manufacturers in the cereal industry spend multi-millions of dollars every year trying to convince you that their cereal is healthy. What’s even more deceiving is, the nutrition label on these “healthy” cereals like Special K and Cornflakes may say they are “low fat” and “low sugar”.

Here’s the deal.

These cereals:
– are filled with refined and processed carbohydrates
– contain very little fiber
– low in protein
– have little to no healthy fat

This combination is a perfect example of a food that will wreck havoc on your body’s fat burning hormones. Eating these cereals can cause hormonal imbalances, which can turn your body into a fat storing machine, even if the nutrition label says zero fat.

The reason for this is the main ingredients in these cereals are higher glycemic carbohydrates like refined corn and wheat. During the refining process, most of the natural nutrients have been stripped from the grain.

These processed ingredients are very high on the glycemic list and will quickly raise blood sugar levels. These carbohydrates then quickly enter the blood stream, thus requiring a large amount of the insulin hormone to remove the sugar from the blood.

When large amounts of insulin is released by the body, if there is no room to store the sugar in the muscle cells, it gets stored in the fat cells.

Hello to the new fatter and less healthy version of your old self. What’s even more startling are the high sugar cereals like fruit loops that are continuously being marketed to your kids.

A survey found that some of the most popular kid’s cereal contains the same amount of sugar as a chocolate bar.

I’m speaking to the whole refined cereal category.

They’re a big reason why 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese with links to diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

It’s time to make a change in your family’s diet, starting with the first thing you feed yourself. I know some of you just want a quick, healthy, and easy cereal option.

So check out our recipes!


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  1. des.MIMT says

    Would u recommend this pre-workout if you exercise at 6am every morning?

  2. Mohd Rafid Ali Mohd says

    Watching this video..I must give👍! Please make more & more video.😎

  3. Deepak Sharma says

    Loved the ending especially the Kid

  4. cristy-lee payne says

    I have rice bubbles and blueberries

  5. Lisa D. says

    You said a serving for you would be half a cup. Would it be a quarter cup for a woman?

  6. Mr J says

    Sorry if I haven’t watched ya in months lol

  7. Lisa Carleton says

    Hi Brad, iv been looking for a cereal alternative and this looks great but its a bit higher in fats than i usually have planned for my breakfast, is there anything i could possibly swap out/replace with something else healthy? I dont want to just reduce portion size as id be afraid it wouldnt keep me satisfied until lunch. Thanks

  8. Nina Perry says

    How many calories is that bowl?

  9. JayScarim says

    Looks yummy!

  10. Keep It Simple says

    Great video! your baby stole the show 🤗

  11. Aggie says

    I absolutely love this idea! Brad's cereals – here we come! 💪

  12. james stewart says

    Don’t eat cereal anymore, haven’t for around 3 to 4 years, on occasion I may buy muesli but I always go for the best nutrition and look out for hidden sugars and added extras. Usually make my own but prefer porridge or smoothies.

  13. cristina ortega says

    You are so bomb!

  14. Jasmin Adkisson says

    That looks amazing!

  15. Monica Ramos says

    Is the protein powder used in this vid safe during pregnancy? If not what would u recommend to substitute with?

  16. Mahmoud Elsayed says

    As always 👍👍

  17. margaux says

    I love your family!

  18. Jaclyn Castro says

    I was searching for a recent vid you guys did on homemade cereal but couldn’t find it. So is this the same as the recent vid? I can’t find the vid but looks like the same ingredients. I’m making a stop to the grocery store for pumpkin seeds and pecans. I have everything else at home! Can’t wait to share a pic on our private FB page soon!

  19. missreia says

    Ohhh, that cereal you made looks soo bomb!

  20. kesha holloman says

    I can wait to try this!!!

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