Mario Kart Wii – Dolphin Emulator Test


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So I just downloaded Dolphin and got an MKWii ISO and it looks so damn beautiful!! It loads really fast too, likely cause of the SSD or CPU but idk… I have a Core i5-7500 @3.4GHz and it runs it very well, and I changed the internal resolution to 2560×2112 so it is a very clear and high quality image. The controls are kind of annoying; left click to accelerate, right click to drift/reverse, middle click to wheelie/trick, shift for item, A/D for turning, and S for pulling back. I haven’t figured out how to look backwards yet 😛 I wonder if there’s some way to connect a Wii remote? Anyways, thanks for watching and later I’ll figure out how to do TAFs and stuff cause I have absolutely no idea how to use savestates and stuff 😛

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  1. Remy says

    Connect your wii remote to your pc by Bluetooth

  2. Ampharos 2.0 says

    i also see the (shadow puppet) blue faded box in the top left quarter of your screen
    good to know im not the only one that has it!

  3. Adriaan says

    nice 😀

  4. go crazy says

    What is your gpu and can you please test super mario galaxy

  5. _kiraaa says

    You should be able to play wiimmfi on emulator since you get a solid 60 frames all the time

  6. TheOfficialKev says

    I use dolphin too and there is a way to connect Wii remotes, but you would have to buy something called Mayflash Dolphin Bar from amazon, which acts a sensor bar + Bluetooth adapter for pc

  7. HaiImKev says

    And by the way, it looks way better in real life when you're actually playing it than it does when you're looking at a 1080p video :p

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