Michael Cohen pleads guilty in Federal court

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FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn reports on the plea deal reached by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

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  1. This isn’t what it looks like, folks. TRUMP was only surrounded by the worst criminals and conmen on earth- but that doesn’t mean HE is a criminal too. It’s all been a humongous misunderstanding! See… Trump is the one honest guy who expects honesty from everyone around him and he trusts that when they say they’re honest they’re telling the the truth. If EVERY SINGLE ONE IS A LIAR AND CROOK- you can’t blame Donny. He’s an angel wading through the murky swamp of life.
    When all is said and done the world will know that YOU ARE NOT GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION! In fact, we can all agree that since you’re not as guilty as the company you keep- we can admit that Hillary is actually a pleasant, smart, hard working woman who had been misunderstood. She’s not a crook. Right?! Cause it’s ALL A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING

  2. Too bad the old school mob isn't still around

  3. A rapist, a fraudster, a money launderer and a traitor walk into a bar. The bartender says:  "Good evening, Mr. Trump."

  4. This is all crap are you serious??? Please we all know what this all about and has nothing to do with the facts… this is just another for the crooked elite to get Trump out of the White House and guess what it won’t happen.. America can see right through this!

  5. All of this over a botched dossier paid for by the Clinton and Bush campaigns to a foriegn agent. Does evidential integrity mean anything? When will Clinton and Bush be on trial?

  6. Roger Stone and Steve Bannon next please. Thank you Mueller.

  7. Lemme guess… fox will slowly change its tune and become CNN's bitch haha

  8. Down with the Grand Old Party at at midterm elections
    Down with Trump
    Impeach Trump!!!

  9. And Hillary is free and still walking around?

  10. Hilary just killed people instead of paying them off!!

  11. All of which he did on his own merits!! Mueller ur team of dem lawyers don't have nothing on 45!!!

  12. Money paid at instruction of "a candidate." GEE, I WONDER WHO THAT CANDIDATE COULD BE????????????

  13. Fire up the grill & throw on some more nothingburgers. Two more witches were rounded up. It’s going to be a party.

  14. Obama and Hillary next to go down. Thanks President Trump Greatest President ever!!!

  15. I'm here to make fun of the liberals retards and triggered democrat supporters… cream of the crop when it comes to the autism spectrum.

  16. Poor corrupt bastards. However did Trump have 5 people in his campaign or white house that are guilty ?

  17. I'm just here for the snowflake soup from dump supporters….add the ingredients in the comments

  18. The Trump Cultist have NO IDEA of what is going on because they consume FOX FAKE NEWS……. nothing burgers day in day out. It's the Murdoch business model.
    ****Firm linked to Russian mogul paid $500,000 to Trump attorney Michael Cohen**** The shell company used by President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen to pay off porn actress Stormy Daniels received about $500,000 last year from a business linked to a Russian billionaire who is close to **President Vladimir Putin** BYE BYE TRUMPSKY

    Cohen's company, Essential Consultants LLC, received the money from a U.S. offshoot of the business empire of Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

  19. Trump has the best people, they just happen to be criminals, p0 rn s*rs and Russian mobsters.

  20. Taxation is Theft
    Allegations of campaign violations are:
    NOT criminal acts that could impeach POTUS .
    Has NOTHING to do with election hacking /Russian Collusion
    At best, It's a fine. Obama administration was fined for the same thing.

  21. …. isn't it funny if the "Fake news" gets proofen true every fucking time 🙂

  22. MAGA😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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