Microsoft’s Xbox One S Is Breaking the Law…


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Uh oh.

Article about the situation:


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  1. young flex says

    Fuck this i am going to sony. ps4

  2. D Harris says

    But they have you go to someone else to fix their product somewhere else if warranty expires

  3. Jeff Mcdaniel says

    I opened my Xbox to replace the power supply because it wouldn’t turn on and it still won’t turn on. It must be the motherboard. Now I feel like I have no choice but to ask Microsoft to fix it and get shit because of a stupid sticker.

  4. Gay Little Boy666 says

    Only the fanboys will argue this point,,,,little fanboys never admitting ps4 takes a huge shit on Microsoft

  5. GNxBear068 says

    It shouldn't about how much $$ it about the fact it is "ILLEGAL" honestly the legal system is fudged up anyways but if it is ILLEGAL someone shouldn't have to get screw over and or take them to court to get a resolution, they should already be on that shiz.

  6. icewollowcome says

    my xbox wont read any disc so i dont know what to do

  7. Gamingboy fan says

    I took my warranty sticker off I don't care about it

  8. colin mindak says

    Ms is the law, why would you care? You are wrong, just break the sticker and see what happens,you might get a second one for free , breaking the law just seems alittle different. Like claiming they broke the law , if it does not complie with fcc rules they will fix it.

  9. H.Cruzz10 says

    Dumbass lmao

  10. Douglass MacArthur says

    Wow really? So evil, I bet they also rip the tags off of their mattresses 😱

  11. SexyBeast says

    Is there a sticker on the back of the Xbox whether or not you bought the warranty or does it only have it if you have warranty on it?

  12. rustler guy45 says

    This sticker is on my Xbox 360

  13. Awkward Gh0st says

    Who gives a shit

  14. Kolby Brian2412 says

    Shut the fuck up it that means nothing

  15. Bey Silentt says


  16. Nxt says

    can't you just heat gun it to take it off without them knowing?

  17. Rene Ruiz says

    I still think the xbox s is great

  18. Bull Crack says

    hey man great video!

    Also do you a steam group we can join?

  19. ChikitoSources says

    Great content, but just a little to raw for me, maybe it's time for your first official intro and outro?

  20. Mr Trend says

    I've been with your channel for quite awhile now, bro… when are you gonna upload more Minecraft? hahaha that was what got me to your channel, now it's just these information videos >.< Not that you are doing anything wrong, I still like the content… just wanted to see where WumboWorld was at ahaha

  21. Maxwell Brumagen says

    Go pc

  22. Coaler says

    167th view!!!!

  23. Bat man says

    Congrats on hitting 1000! I fully expect your channel to start booming in a matter of weeks.

  24. Adventures of JJ & Acid says

    Great Vid, I had this issue with the 360 when I opened it after I got the rings of death. MS refused to fixed it because I opened the box I just bought a new one but I didn't know it was unlawful.

  25. ConflictGamingHD says

    Wow lol

  26. Danyul says

    Hey man, don't know if you remember my comment on the No Man's Sky video but I just wanted to say that this video sounded infinitely better. Nice one!

  27. Savage Thomas says

    been here since 500 subs

  28. Sky Captain says

    source? Please put it in the description or something.

  29. SunwindPC says

    Hmm, didn't know thats breaking a Law. In my country we have the same stickers, but its not breaking any laws, I think its like that with 99% of tech

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