Mike Huckabee: I’ve been subjected to some of Facebook’s censorship

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Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, (R-Ark.), on concerns over censorship of conservative speech on social media platforms.

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  1. It all boils down to this. The left wants to genocide for whites and communism for every white country. The right has failed to even slow it down, so the people are turning to the Alt Right, and that's the fear. They are the only ones talking about it. look at South Africa. So anti-white racist hate groups like the SPLC is using it hundreds of millions, to blackmail the entire internet into censorship. The left aren't the victims, they are the aggressors, and everyone is waking up to their bullying and racism against whites and white maleness. White males are really the only protection the west has. It is now mainstream to call for Twitter to be regulated.
    Trump is calling for it, Ann is calling for it – everyone is calling for it.

  2. I wish someone from the conservative side with money would just start a new plateform for us. We will be harrassed until then

  3. Everyone is blaming Russia for meddling with the elections but hasn’t mainstream media done much worse? Now social media platforms are meddling. I see a huge class action lawsuit along with criminal charges coming if something doesn’t change soon. For the past few years it’s like living in a bad episode of the twilight zone watching mainstream news.

  4. Censorship is the wrong word. The correct word is Suppression. They're letting us talk – they just try really hard to make sure no one can see our posts. On twitter, the problem is that they allow the sharing of massive blocklists. And the left has MILLIONS of Trump supporters listed on them. They put them together by searching for the use of words – like #MAGA, Trump, etc. Then they quietly used their liberal forums to encourage people to download the blocklists. From there, you have Twitter using algorithms that make calculations by how many people a user is blocked by to enforce shadowbanning and quality filter banning. Millions of users, blocked by thousands of people they've never had any interaction with, have been suppressed by these algorithms. That's how Congressmen got caught up in them. Until Twitter can fix this abuse of their system – they need to turn off that algorithm and reverse all levels of shadowbanning. Failure to do so, leaves them wide open to be sued for election interference.

  5. BOOM!!! What Huckabee said!!!!!!!!!!! But Leftism is fascism: they can't hear this message because their ears are plugged up w Marxist Ideology

  6. I also believe that the appropriate regulations to prohibit changing or alter America’s own established principles of Foundation and Constitution are very important instead of much of regulation toward small and tiny businesses to grow and survive. America’s greatness will depend on America’s own established principles of Foundation, Constitution and patriotism and loyalty always. If we ignore or neglect America’s principles will easily ignore and neglect America’s greatness quickly too, because this is the facts, if we are willing to learn by our own principles, I guess.

  7. This kind issues have been talked on and on quite a while. I guess one of the principles is the suppress of freedoms and equality of the opportunities principles of our country America’s own established principles of freedoms and equality principles are legal or not, should be continued or must be stopped. Is any private companies should have their own authority and powers to judge who is right or who is wrong, or who should be more privileged, who shouldn’t, or who should be stripped their freedoms and equality of the opportunities through their own private companies’ own created policies to replace our great country America’s own established principles of of laws? The any monopoly sized companies’ own power for their sizable entities and massive financial power should be allowed to directing Americans of all to recognize or listen to their own willingness or recognition or influences from unknowns to supersede our country America’s own established principles of the freedoms and equality of the opportunities for all Americans. The another issue is that the necessity of America’s own medias to stand up strongly and firmly for America’s principles of freedoms and equality of the opportunities as urgent concerns of why and how quickly. Also freedoms and equality of the opportunities are not there to strip off own established principles of freedoms and equality of the opportunities, which means not used to change America to be unknowns of ideologies from unknown ideologies systems, which also means not intentionally to against America’s own principles of freedoms and equality of the opportunities from such privileges to against own country America or America’s own established principles also. This is why I don’t believe monopoly systems as our country America’s always against such systems to grow any private entity’s power to exceed our great country America’s own principles and power to maintain, protect and defend America’s greatness of freedoms and equality of the opportunities for Americans of all to enjoy without worrying.

    I also believe that although certain private companies leaderships are super rich and powerful to lead their own businesses, but they are still the humans, or luckier humans, or smarter humans. However any humans can be influenced by others, or to be confused without learning, or continued learning, or too busy to learn. Often heart of gold, if lack of the learning fro America’s own established principles, wrong thinking, or wrong influences, or wrong applications can seep in to mistakenly focus on wrong things. However, I don’t believe such behaviors, due to that I believe our country America’s greatness will only come from our country America’s own established principles of freedoms and equality of the opportunities. Without this, no longer America anymore. I don’t hate them either, because I believe learning experiences from mistakes by principles. I also believe that as long as our country America’s own principles are focused on, Americans will be able to learn more to understand more and do better things quickly. The matter is the clear correction and policies to govern as the torch for America’s greatness and for Americans to respect, follow and obey as well as appropriate education for Americans of all to learn more to understand more and do better things quickly and always for America’s greatness by America’s principles and patriotism and loyalty toward America’s greatness always. Everything is the matter of own principles. Let’s forgive each other this time and unite together again by our country America’s principles and generosity of forgiveness nature this time, govern by own established laws afterwards and in the future. I believe the principles to govern, because principles are endurance of America’s greatness. I also believe our own generosity of forgiveness this time, chance giving to learn more to understand more and do better things immediately. Unity by America’s patriotism and loyalty toward our country America’s greatness by principles are the duties of Americans of all, generosity of forgiveness nature this time is our own kindness nature and decency too. Govern by our country America’s own established laws afterwards are the duties of all governing leaderships, I guess. I respect, trust and appreciate House Majority Leader McCarthy’s leadership as his principles, patriotism and own intuition of leadership experiences to our country America’s greatness. Thanks his mentioning such issues. Unite together again by principles, unity 1st from learning experiences this time, Governing by laws afterwards and always.

  8. Not Collusion. It is called CONSPIRACY. Conspiracy is criminal.

  9. NewsCorp should build a competitive social media platform.

  10. Twitter is useless – lasted two days on there twice – then they begged me to come back – screw'em

  11. Love it – who cares what Pelosi thinks about anything – the left is self destructing – communists

  12. Break up the monopolies – it has to be done – their out of control – reign them in – way over the line

  13. Could someone help me with how to close out my Facebook account I'm really tired of this!

  14. Hit these prejudicial platforms 1 in the pocket book they deserve to have huge fines, and 2 we need to get together and develop some new platforms favorable to the majority of our country conservatives!!!

  15. They need to charge these companies under the RICO act.

  16. FaceBook, YouTube, Google, Twitter are extensions of the Deep State "Intelligence community."

    They prefer the Red Chinese model: OBEY AND BE HAPPY.

  17. Actually it is not complicated issue. Social media platform provider can do whatever they desire to do to their own employees. But when even government can not oppress individual freedom of speech, what right do private companies have to oppress the freedom of speech of their users over constitution?!
    Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech is not optional but mandatory to all people & institutions.

  18. Silicone Valley drips with anti Trump hatred. It's in the water.

  19. Signed up BUT NEVER USE IT! !! The government should get involved since they continue to be discrimating and bias !!

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