Minecraft – MindCrack Vanilla (GUANO) – Ep. 208 – Best Speech Ever


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Guude and Jeff play on the Minecraft Vanilla MindCrack server.

Guude – Youtube.com/GuudeBoulderFist

Intro Music – by Angry Lemon
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. knus1959 says

    Hi Jeff 🙂 I have seen a very good picture on Facebook……. and it would be the cheapest wall to build to save the US….. the picture is where Trump is sitting on a chair, and there is a wall being build around him. 😀 Then you have solve all problems. hihi 🙂

  2. Zoe Bittersweet says

    Dangit, I was all ready to hear the Google stuff!

  3. ZPHOENIX27 says

    Hilarious to think that these cats think podzol spreads like grass and mycelium!

  4. Mr. Fuckboi says

    Trumps shutting down your gov all because he’s butt hurt about because his wall isn’t completely fucking built lol

  5. OAM47 says

    You realize The Silk Road was an ancient trade route to China, literally centuries before the internet?

  6. Sakana McLetsbuild says

    Hi, Dr. Sano, "if (he) wore glasses, then he would look smarter." lol.

  7. Orxenhorf says

    One thing I've always thought is that the server should be modded just enough to have dimensions. If someone wants to start over from scratch or have new terrain, just give them a new dimension. Plus, it'd be real easy to see who was causing lag or you could disable all loading of their stuff when they aren't online.

  8. GEC Industries says

    1 Podzol doesn't spread.
    2 You can turn podzol into dirt by using a shovel without Silk touch.
    3 Podzol is created when you grow a 2×2 Spruce tree. It turns any dirt or grass into podzol in a certain radius.

  9. Dewey Does Daily says

    Why the ass are you mining that far from the beacon you are wasting time plz stop

  10. Constant Sorrow says

    Unlike Grass and Mycelium, Podzol doesn't spread.

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