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The Blackout Beta has come to an end… so here in today’s video I wanted to give my updated review of how the game played out. Be sure to let me know what YOU think of Blackout!
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  1. Pete says

    Maybe they have it planned as a 3 year game cause IW and sledgehammer are not planning BR game modes

  2. Pete says

    I think armor should be taken out all together, everyone on an even playing field except for individual player skill

  3. Rich Poor says

    BR is not enough for me. Ffa and tdm. Thats all you need.

  4. Brian Daniel says

    his opinion is invalid he plays on console

  5. Mountain Man Jim says

    if you want to speed up the game and equalize the game, put a timer on armor. level 1 armor last 2 minutes, level 2 armor last 90 seconds, and level 3 armor last 60 seconds, then drops down to level 1 armor. Not scientific but something along those lines will keep people pushing once they get armor, but also gives a bonus to those that search those hard to get Stache

  6. RagedRiel says


  7. BIOHAZARD - R - US says

    1:52 what is Server command overflow?

  8. DJ Jean Mercier says

    the maps we play in blackout beta look to me they have been working and polish the map for a long time ago.. I will not be surprised we get a new Blackout maps on the first DLC !!

  9. Flip Ros says

    im finally going to buy a CoD game again. last one i bought and played for a good while was CoD Ghosts in 2013 lol skipped advanced warfare bc i was just getting tired of the CoD experience, skipped BO3 and Infiinite Warfare bc i wasnt feeling the thrust jump when i tried it at a friends house, and skipped WW2 bc im not a fan of that era's guns and technology. but BO4 i will for sure get this year!

  10. Wakingthedead 7 says

    Keep grinding .cant wait to see you at the drop

  11. SuperGamer Uchiha says

    i love BO1 Combat record

  12. SuperGamer Uchiha says

    i miss also cod camos had view like BO1 GOLD BO2 DIMENED BO3 DARKMATTER

  13. Spidy Duz It says

    MarkofJ was right.

  14. Neel Wadhwana says

    Hey, Nero. Do you think there will be any more events for CoD: WWII, or do you think that the Covert Storm event is the last one?

  15. Doctor Bob says

    Suggestion: you can only wear armour for a certain amount of time so that players have to go out and make the most of their armour and players also need to go out and look for armour instead of sitting in a corner

  16. Israel Valdivia says

    The only people I've seen that don't like the game are the ones that are too broke and haven't even played the game. Right now it might not look like it but I think they have the potential to overthrow fortnite especially with the zombies stuff they are adding to the game. We all know black ops is king when it comes to making zombie games with their creativity

  17. PV5150II says

    Yeah they don’t need to encourage campers by giving them feminine hygiene products. Don’t play like a puss people. Run around, look for gun fights. It’s more fun that way.

  18. Red KoJacK says

    Playing passive is an inherent part of battle royale lol. Plus scanner dart and perks that help with campers.

  19. Holy Elixir says

    mid game is always slow in every BR game

  20. Daymon Rondino says

    Replace the Koshka with the DSR!

  21. Bluelight Gaming says

    Camping is kinda mandatory in survival mode dude… Thats the point. But this is the only mode that ppl gets pass for camping.

  22. steelroo says

    Unlocking weapon camos would be great. Like challenges in multiplayer. Would be amazing

  23. How bout No ? says

    I would love a HC mode for us that don't want to shoot 33 bullets into people. You snooze you fucking die.

  24. TLCGaming 1995 says

    I think armor should not be in the game then show me some gun skills

  25. The K says

    Nah I hope they don't put in grindy camps and skins cause then everyone will be doing that rather than just trying to win, plus I am gonna play this not very much, cause multiplayer and zombies so it would be annoying if they put a sick camo in that is super hard to get since I will never get it nor wanting to even try.
    Also I just wanna play blackout for the fun of it not for the grind of it got muitplayer and zombies for that.

  26. The King says

    Did anyone else get like 10 kills but then die in like 5th place to a kid laying on the ground with level 3 armor?? It pissed me off so much when it happened to me

  27. Ivan Fit says

    Are graphics really this shitty in this game or is this just the video?

  28. Brotz says

    I liked the merit system maybe it’s just me

  29. Kemon Jackson says

    How much time are you TURELY going to spend on another battle royal

  30. Dominic Masselli says

    Great video

  31. Chris Ramsey says

    A youtuber that makes money off these games giving an Honest Review? Lmao! Good one!

  32. Eric Davis says

    Ditch armour and increase health to 200. It's the equivalent of having juggernaut or stopping power. It's crutch and should be removed.

  33. Daniel Irving says

    Adds 20 more players, and then says it feels like there is more players? Well, yeah, 20 more. Lol

  34. Flux says

    Fortnite: Small Shield potion. Slurp Juice. Chug Jug.
    Blackout: level 1 body armor. Level 2 armor. Level 3 armor.
    Same thing. Dont sweat it, ya'll.

  35. david Johnson says

    I wouldn't be surprised if they created Battle Royale just for they can sell more supply drops lol

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