My Husband is Controlling Me!


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Controlling and Jealous Husband? Wounded Feminine and Masculine energy and how to set boundaries.
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We were on the Dave Ramsey Show!

Mina Irfan is an author and life coach with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Northwestern University.
Fun Facts: 1. We are Dave Ramsey Millionaires
2. I eat a grain free diet and have controlled my Autoimmune disease medication free for 5 years!
3. We save 80% of our income.

Her passion is to teach others to become the star lead in their own life instead of playing the side role to someone else’s. Mina teaches personal accountability, positive thinking, self care, and the importance of intentional lifestyle plan.

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  1. Asma S says


  2. F L says

    I’m not even dating anyone but still sat through this haha! Mina, was wondering if you could do a video request on how to get motivated to work out regularly and set a routine… especially for those of us just starting out. Any tips to make sure I actually get up and workout a few times a week? I’m just starting out and often feel so demotivated when I’ve got so many lbs to go and it’s taking a while. I know it’ll definitely take time but it’s so hard when you don’t necessarily see results. Any help would be so appreciated!

  3. true beauty says

    My parents in law are here too from oversees been so busy. But so happy to catch ur chats 😚😚

  4. significantsnapshots says

    Yay another long one!

  5. miss Nahid says

    Great video.and how is your mother in she moved with you guys.??

  6. Universal Journey says

    Mina, funny thing is that I don’t get the motherly feeling from my mom because she is way to masculine and I already have a dad I don’t need her to be my dad 🤗😇✌️

  7. Universal Journey says

    Mina, great programs just waiting for my credit card in the mail so I can buy them 😇✌️

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