NEW BLACK OPS 4 LEAKS! Official Logo, New BO3 Sniper, COD WWII Update, New Game Mode Leaks and more!


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More Black Ops 4 leaks! What an awesome time to be a Call of Duty fan 😀
• New COD WWII Holiday Event!
• Black Ops 3 Was Updated!

• Video Specific Links and Sources
Leaked Black Ops 4 Gamestop Images:
James Harden wearing BO4 Hat:
Black Ops 4 Logo Recreated by GranJesper:
Operation Snowblind Trailer:
XPR-50 and Permafrost Gameplay by Ghosts619:
LEAKED COD WWII Modes Gameplay, including Infected:

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Intro/Outro: April Showers by ProleteR

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  1. VIOLENTGAMER 23 says

    Well duh it's coming I already got mine on preorder

  2. Agent Jim Milton Pinkerton detective Agency says

    The 2 in the middle.are important bo2 prequel

  3. Steff Cuddi says

    Logo is nice ash yall tripping over nothing

  4. Jaded_one says

    I haven't played a cod since bo3. Looks like I'll be finally coming back to cod… hopefully… maybe… aw who the hell knows! Lol

  5. Foxy Grandpa says

    Here's my thing…. I like that they add new game modes to WW2, but I wish they had been in the game at launch man. It's sad that we get incomplete games at launch now.

  6. chuck borah says

    Coming in october just pre order at GameStop

  7. Kobewhon says

    Let's gooooo Black Ops 1. 5

  8. Tyler Confer says

    World at war remastered??

  9. Poor Gaming says

    Harden deserves to be the MVP for having that BO4 HAT

  10. Poor Gaming says

    i saw the logo from james harden cap

  11. Komodo Khan says

    Gamestop still Exist

  12. Cody says

    its not been confirmed its a logo, so your title is incorrect, its not a black ops 4 hat, its not the official logo, fucking idiot

  13. Vlad Mihalca says


  14. Dylan Smith says

    I find it weird that he's saying the stuff for the game like shirts is coming out on March 1st and the video was published on March 6th I've been to GameStop twice and haven't seen anything

  15. t q says

    Cod seems more like a job, then a game.

  16. Lil Jimmy says

    I thought we were getting a new assault rifle?

  17. TBK Joshua™ - Best Plays says

    I'm glad bo4 is coming!!! Bo3 was utter trash in campaign to me and it barely had anything to do with Black ops, as well as it's hyper futuristic setting.
    I always debated about there being an extra black ops. People kept arguing with me saying there will NEVER be another one after bo3 due to the history of cod and that black ops won't be an exception since their favorite series wasn't. I'm just glad to laugh at the haters now that it's official. 🙂

  18. Ghost says

    In bo3 we got the xpr dat might mean bo4 will take place some time near bo2

  19. Bryant C says

    I have 3 weapon bribes 1600 key saved up and I have all the content except the new specialist skins

  20. OurLastJourney says

    May 1st

  21. Garrett Wilson says

    Modern times? Don't care. Boost jumps? Don't care. Just do one thing 3arc….

    Bring back the kn44

  22. Curry Chicken says

    That new sniper in BO3 Is cool, but i wish the G11 was in this game.

  23. Curry Chicken says

    Im all for it. Im tired of dying by campers in WWII. I love the rush BO III gives me!

  24. SHIV4N says

    Worst infected yet, easily

  25. Fxj3 says

    Ww2 sucks !

  26. JaetotheJay says

    Dear god i hope its not like BO3. Exo bullshit. KEEP IT OG. And i seen someone say Black Ops is the best series…LMAO! NEVER! Modern Warfare is the best. FOH.

  27. Dramatic Replays says

    I want all or nothing from MW3 to make a return

  28. Crawler says

    I don't even want Black Ops 3 just give me that WaW remastered and I'm good.

  29. The Alkemist Official says

    I got the Spectre head in a rare supply drop. It's one of the march contraband items, and it looks ok, not the greatest though.

  30. myqal guluski says

    BO4 is gunna be shit

  31. HalfHarry says

    fucking hell is he on crack jesus christ slow down fuck me

  32. EnderLordGaming says


  33. last gen richtofen says

    I still haven't completed my triple play from september cause of infected in less than 5 hours i went to 43 wins to 85 wins

  34. MCC Gaming // HD Videos Weekly! says

    That isn’t even the correct Roman numeral it looks like shit

  35. Chrissilverfish says

    I heard it was going to be near future like black ops 2

  36. Cian says

    So fuckin stupid its not Roman numerals

  37. Dr. Frasier Crane says

    Oh god they’re milking the series to the ground. Don’t tell me “oh it’s because it’s a title that sells” sure maybe it is, but so is “call of duty” in general.

  38. OffcialyScrewed Plays says

    Black ops 3 infaked is shit it’s not like the og

  39. gypsydanger119 says

    "Against the Milwaukee bucks".. foh they played okc, if you don't have the correct info don't spread it

  40. redfox50184 says

    I see people complaining that it's not a Roman numeral but haven't y'all ever heard of the clock version it's 4 bars

  41. Masin Rickey says

    I have a legitimate question. Why do you all want remastered games so bad? Your just paying more money for the same game not to mention it just keeps spliting the cod community between games. The only game I would want remastered is mw2 and 3 and that's mostly for the campaign or atleast backwards compatible

    Am I the only one who thinks they should stop the 3 year cycle? I'm not gonna spend 100$ on a game just for them to release info on the new cod 3 months later lol it's like cellphones😂 like come on bring all 3 studios to work on 1 game Every 3 to 4 years to make their game worth the money

  42. abraham alvarez says

    I hate how most of you guys are Treyarch fanboys because most of you barely started playing when BO2 came out of course treyarchs shit will be better because they always have the advantage cause they hardly implement new things.. they always have a year or two to see what new things were implemented in the other call of duties and they just improve on it.. you guys are just such dickriders and don't really know what a good game is.. Bo3 worst fucking game by treyarch.. enough said

  43. rackreman says

    They should have sensed the black ops series after 2, but of course they gotta milk that money cow :/

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