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*NEW* Fortnite “FLASH SKIN” also known as the Custom Fortnite Skins! Fortnite Flash Skin was made by Trimix. Trimix makes a lot of the best Fortnite custom skins so, make sure check out his YouTube channel down below! Leave a like if you want to see Fortnite Spiderman Skin Showcase & Fortnite Deadpool Skin Showcase as the next showcase videos. #Flash #SkinShowcase

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This skin is showcased with all my current Fortnite emotes and dances collection. The dances and emotes showcased with Flash skin are:
Dance Therapy, Shake It Up, Capoeira, Fancy Feet, Job Well Done, Boogie Down, Intensity, Living Large, Hand Signals, Breakdown, Breakin, Disco Fever, Electro Shuffle, Freestylin, Fresh, Groove Jam, Hula, Pop Lock, Reanimated, Rocket Rodeo, Rock Out, Squat Kick, Star Power, The Robot, True Heart, Baller, Best Mates, Boneless, Calculated, Chicken, Confused, Dab, Eagle, Flapper, Flippin Incredible, Flippin Sexy, Floss, Hootenanny, Hype, Infinite Dab, Kick Ups, Kiss Kiss, Laugh It Up, Make it Rain, Orange Justice, Popcorn, Pure Salt, Rambunctious, Rawr, Ride the Pony, Rocket Spinner, Step it Up, Swipe It, Take the L, The Worm, Tidy, Twist, Wiggle, You’re Awesome, Zany, Breaking Point, Bring It, Brush Your Shoulders, Click, Dip, Face Palm, Finger Guns, Finger Wag, Gentleman’s Dab, Gun Show, Jubilation, Red Card, Respect, Rock Paper Scissors, Salute, Slow Clap, Snap, Sparkler, Take 14, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, True Love, Waterworks, Wave, and the default dance called as Dance Moves.

New Dances:
Vivacious Dance Emote, Hitchhiker Dance Emote, Battle Call Emote, Fist Pump Emote and My Idol Emote.

Other Unreleased Emotes:
Storm Salutation emote.

Fortnite Upcoming Skins:
➤ Cloaked Star Skin
➤ Field Surgeon Skin
➤ Hacivat Skin
➤ Stage Slayer Skin
➤ Synth Star Skin
➤ Triage Trooper Skin
➤ Garrison Skin

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    carbide. idiot

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    Run Barry, RUN

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    missing Superman e cyborg And just progress

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    7:29 is my fav

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    03:57 Best Dance

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    Love ur work buitiful

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    9:18 Kreek craft

  12. Teh Engie says

    1:40 my fav dance

  13. Teh Engie says

    My gamertag is Xavier-Nien on PlayStation

  14. Teh Engie says

    You need to make a Wonder woman skin using valor

  15. Rebekah Posey says

    But how?

  16. I hate YouTube says

    Naw it’s just mods your using

  17. do it for the cheese!!! says

    Where’s squat kick

  18. Fortnite TV says

    2:1 my favourite dance

  19. Fortnite TV says


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    Looks like I need therapy for dance 0:52
    This is my favourite dance

  21. Space Waffle says

    All the likes are from 2 year olds

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    6:06 May favorite dance

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    7:47 best

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    1:01 Flash is running!

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