*NEW* HEAVY ASSAULT RIFLE Gameplay In Fortnite Battle Royale!


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This gun is BEASTLY!

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  1. Allstar Game says

    Its okay

  2. Flip Masters 4223 says

    Why did u change shirts

  3. Iain Poteet says

    Bro you were so close to that win!!!!!

  4. Epickiller gaming says

    3:40 you left a blue tac

  5. Alice Brent says

    I made a poll to see which Muselk channel everyone prefers, Muselk or MoreMuselk? You can vote here: https://snipp.ly/p/3XL0C

  6. EPiK Problems says

    Hello Random Stranger Scrolling through the comment section. have a good rest of your day/night. 🐢

  7. fitzzzpat says

    WHY DO YOU NEVER EXCHANGE THE GREEN TAC FOR THE BLUE ELLIOT 3:45. I love you and all of click, but this is the most triggering thing ever

  8. Karol Avila says

    Do y’all know if the rainbow smash is coming back

  9. Alex Ramirez says

    You miss loooooot😵 it so unsatisfying

  10. Jeremiah Walker says

    Muselks doodoo with it

  11. Weichun SUN says

    Look at muselks face, when he’s battling

  12. Rain Fox says

    I used to call I bye mulselk because it sounds cooler than muselk

  13. less hobgoblin says

    Ak part 2 you got this man

  14. Giuseppe. B says

    13:42 another voice crack “I got no matEEEEErials”

  15. Giuseppe. B says

    7:12 voice crack “that was wEird

  16. JASON KRUSHKA says

    9:16 purple AK47

  17. Alberth Jimenez says

    I got a challenge for you, dubble pump only

  18. samurai says


  19. Sydney Nawu says

    You tried your best Muselk , to me u were awesome

  20. ICEE1 BOYZ says

    you missed blue tac

  21. Tyi017 says

    I bought mayhem with your name

  22. Advance view says

    Who is funnier

    Like for lazarbeam

    Comment for muselk

  23. Advance view says

    i also want to muselk play on console

  24. Lentävä Appelsiini says

    Its actually more of an ak12 than a 47 but whatever

  25. 2svenskaungar says

    I found an actual hacker on fortnite go to my channel and look at the video report him please

  26. RenamingTheJ says

    Muselk killed me !!!

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