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  1. Sam4865 says

    Ooh I so love seeing Coco….can we see Coco more often on screen please? I enjoy seeing this haul. In the UK the Lush brand is very popular here. I enjoy gifting Lush products to friends and family.

  2. Rita Tripp says

    By the way love the scarf !

  3. Rita Tripp says

    Still haven’t tried but I will have to one day

  4. Stacie Schneider says

    Great haul! Coco is adorable! I’m really glad you picked up the banana gift box! I was really curious, what are the dimensions on the banana knot wrap?

  5. RoXxXy says

    Cute dog 🥰 Do you like Berti soap? I think it’s 🤢😂 Can’t wait for your UK haul, i don’t have a bath so more exciting to see some shower items ☺️

  6. June Gonzalez says


  7. liz bradford says

    Love token is gingerbread jar scent, open your heart is golden pear scent.

  8. WizardPandora says

    The Black Rose is a nightmare to clean up, look at Xxpurr demo

    I wanted to get the Kitsune bath bomb
    The Banana massage bar and Peachy are out for me, not willing to test if I have a topical allergic reaction as well as a food allergy,
    I could test them at Lush but I don't wish ambulance called lol

  9. Kelsey Whitworth says

    I like your new background! I am seeing spring/summer decor everywhere now, and sometimes forget what month it is!! Thanks for sharing all the cool items. I finally just bought my first lush products ever over the weekend–the maypole soap is my favorite out of what I bought. The bee scrubee and coffee massage bar smell a little stronger than I would like. Still have the elder purple soap bar to try too.

  10. M&M Vlogs says

    Love this

  11. Confidence Plus says

    Ooooooh I like it

  12. Gelyana Oraha says

    Who else clicked as soon as they saw the notification. Btw first like and comment

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