*NEW* RIFLE BEST PLAYS!! – Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.932

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*NEW* RIFLE BEST PLAYS!! Hope you enjoy this episode 932 of Fortnite funny moments and funniest wtf best plays of fortnite daily fails highlights in battle royale gameplay.
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  1. I remember when you only had 2 vids that was funny

  2. This will not be featured in next video…..prove me wrong

  3. Does every gun have to have the same freaking damage

  4. Nice video love all the sick content! All Love❤️🙌🏽

  5. Fortnite is beating aprx in twitch views like all you Apex lovers said numbers don't lie 😶😂

  6. Alle die das hier lesen, ich wünsche euch und eurer Familie viel Gesundheit, und hoffe es geht euch gut❤✌

  7. Last number of likes is what player you are ..
    1. Solo Squad God
    2. Sweaty Soccer Skin
    3. Aiming God
    4. Can't Build
    5. Building God
    6. A Real Default
    7. Future Pro Player
    8. The Bush Camper
    9. The Cocky Player
    0. The Guy That Plays For Fun

  8. STOP Yes STOP RIGHT NOW and give me your attention for 50 seconds… pls like it took me days

  9. Who else has been he since day one

  10. Don’t press read more

    You will be cursed & have bad luck in 2019
    Łîké and šûbśçrîbë to undo

  11. Can someone gift me I will fist back my username is Eric_876

  12. i would appreciate it if yall checked out or subed to my channel and turned on notifications im just trying to expand my channel

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