*NEW* SEASON 7 Battle Pass 100% Unlocked (Tier 100) In Fortnite!


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The NEW Season 7 Battle Pass is here, And I unlocked Tier-100!
1 Million V-Bux Giveaway:

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Use code ‘MUSELK’ for 5% off a Xidax PC
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Song: Max Maurin – Shotgun 2

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  1. Muselk says

    P.S Dont forget to Enter Code: Muselk in the support a creator before getting that battle pass <3

  2. Lewis Marsden says

    Fortnite is dead in england

  3. Tanner Turcotte says

    Hockey fields?

  4. Tech and Games Online says

    looks at remus
    Alright Muselk, say remus


  5. John Hanbury says

    Hey museum be a nice bitch and give a battle pass to jhanbury5

  6. William Calkin says

    9:33 missed an emote

  7. anims addiction says

    Prepare for the lyxn Rule 34. Get your tissues and lotions ready.

  8. kadem ozbek says

    The best season ever in fortnite ya can drive planes now 😀😀😇😇🔛👍well done epic

  9. Luke Sullivan says

    “Hockey field”

  10. YxngDeon O_O says

    Season 7 look's like Destiny

  11. Scrap Animation says

    Looks Shit

  12. NarakunoHana100 says

    I'm sad because Hamirez is a pun for Ramirez and most BR players don't know who that is

  13. dirty birds life # 1team says

    Anybody else feel like it's Christmas morning?

  14. UcarioGenji says

    I got a challenge for u try and do a battle pass legit

  15. Bobataco says


  16. Ginger ljNinja says

    Wish u had the battle pass can't afford it this season recently lost my job but I'm glad they added skins for guns ect

  17. Agon Krasniqi says


  18. Cez says

    Why didn't they add a snow ball toy

  19. FireBlaster1209 says

    Please give me the v-bux I really want it and I've been playing since season 2 without the battle pass

  20. Poképig 12 says

    The dog’s called Remus.
    Like Lupin from Harry Potter

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