*NEW* SEASON 8 SECRET LOOT SPOT! – Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep. 963


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*NEW* SECRET LOOT SPOT! Hope you enjoy this episode 963 of Fortnite funny moments and funniest wtf best plays of fortnite daily fails highlights in battle royale gameplay.

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  1. Elizabeth Luvianos says

    The besa video ever

  2. 1,000 Subscribers Without Any Video says


  3. LEGEND SCOPE says


  4. aeonsi says

    only good console players can like this

  5. killz TM says

    Anybody else remember when deadzone came out there were only deadzone fortnite on trending

  6. Crystal Jones says

    Have you seen mo mo in fortnite vids she is so crazy just watch in the middle of peppa pig and fortnite and you may see her she will tell you to kill your parents and you and if you do not do it she will come and kill you stop watching peppa pig and fortnite but it is always in the middle of peppa pig not always in fortnite but be careful

  7. [SS] CheeseProYT says

    Hey im probably streaming rn ;D

  8. RedWrecker101 says

    Hey if one person could see this that would be great. I do instructional vids on fortnite and even gameplay. I get bullied a lot and it would mean the world to me if someone could at least sub or just comment on this to give me feedback. Have a blessed 2019 eveyone🤗

  9. apex says

    Can people check me out I just started last week

  10. KloKee says

    check out my recent and like and comment and subscribe and i’ll do the same to you!

  11. Jaylon Truss says

    Aye fortnite look fun but I can't get it on a iPhone 6

  12. Jaylon Truss says

    Aye fortnite look fun but I can't get it on a iPhone 6

  13. Tabitha Nagelschmidt says

    Roses are red vilots are blue like this if you are new

  14. Pham Tuan says

    Reiv ce Fr ee Vbucks – > V B U C K S 1 2 3 . C L U B?

  15. Jess2sweet says


  16. Destruction says

    Can i get a shoutout?

  17. Valentino Huibregtsen says

    Guus season 8 its very good

  18. Sub to me or I will threw your bepis in Thresh says

    Poor dr luppo got only usp’s

  19. Jv Velo says

    I'm a very underrated xbox player, check me out thanks🤪🤪

  20. Michael VenSwencey says

    4:06 I actully got that same bloon glitch while playing today, ehere it made that perminate popping sound

  21. Renbloxian says

    This isn’t news to me. I found this out when i was chilling in 50v50

  22. Not_ SD says

    Dr.Lupo OMG 2 cofres

  23. Xxgamer xX says

    At 4:15 I did the exact same thing and that happened it was super annoying

  24. SHUT UP SMELLY says

    Soooooo… I bet half of the viewers will land there with their friend and tell them that you found it

  25. Noah Mansour says

    I bet you won’t like my comment

  26. Dark ciruzzo says

    watch my video

  27. Bobby Propz says

    I'm just here to see if Momo is coming.

  28. Andrew Tejeda-Flores says

    I wish planes were back 😨

  29. cooleo10023 man says

    At 0:21 put it at 0.25 and look at his legs

  30. stam 940 says

    Follow for follow anyone?

  31. SuperDiamon4ever says

    so close to 1000 keep it up 🙂

  32. Dini_ pro says

    Pls you are the best

  33. t2sk1 says

    BCC better

  34. William Mejia Hernandez says

    stop with the memes

  35. LurksMate says

    I’m subbing to people on 4 accounts if you sub to me. Comment done on my recent video

  36. tccLucas says

    Daily Is Awesome

  37. PureAnarchy says

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL 😀😀😀😀😀😀🤣😁😁😁

  38. PureAnarchy says

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL 😀😀😀😀😀😀🤣😁😁😁

  39. Hayden Ramberg says

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that there was a floating campfire at 7:20?

  40. Tygo Volwater says

    Could Anyone rate my clip 1-10 look at my chaneel

  41. Jeremías Flows says


  42. Ahmad AL KHALDI says

    Use code DAILY or you will experience the consequences

  43. Pre-K Dropout says

    That wasn’t even secret found it on day one

  44. Mauricio Baille says

    I discover that spot in my first game

  45. Buckeye Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof oof says

    This is kinda like one of those daily dose of internet’s makes my day just a little better

  46. SEBASTINAT0R S says

    How have you just noticed this the first day I found it out

  47. MaxGamesSD says

    The best video!

  48. Luz graff says


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