NEW STUNNING MAPS! – (Black Ops 3 “ECLIPSE” DLC 2 Multiplayer)

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 “ECLIPSE” DLC 2 Multiplayer maps!
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  1. Going to be able to find enough rounds on the multiplayer maps

  2. Cant find out how to activate multiplayer maps dlc i downloaded months ago and still havent been able to play any of the maps i downloaded?????

  3. Jeez Ali you were pretty chubby lol

  4. Just downloaded the eclipse map pack which is in the video and I've been playing the game for a while and seem to can't find the map packs help please

  5. Knockout looks like that map from overwatch

  6. literally just had a fucking Spanish doctor pepper commercial…

  7. the different with awakening map???did u know??

  8. i brought the season pass yet they still want to charge me for eclipse dlc now thats some bs

  9. CoD lies to MUCH . they said Old gen doesn't get any DLC's and .Well they just got DLC 1 Not long ago and Dlc 2 is coming out for old gen in mid December

  10. can we agree black ops 1 & 2 made the best map packs this futuristic shit sucks if I want futuristic space shit I'd play halo. I miss firing range

  11. whats up everybody. which is better this one or the first one? i want to only buy one right now.

  12. Ali-A. Shocked to here you played Cod on the wii. I did too back in the day. So much fun. People were so bad especially in Waw. Awesome lol

  13. downloaded this bout a week ago….. and I haven't gotten to play them online yet is there a playlist? am I doing something wrong? plz help somebody

  14. Ali A is cancer these day. i reached 100% of my daily hip intake with in the first 5 seconds of the video.

  15. Actually they should just release a world at war game over again instead of cod 4…. World at war was by far my favorite

  16. They need to remake the original makin, castle, dome or rust and terminal

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