Not A Bad Beach* Just A Pretty Woman Handling Her Business


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Not A Bad Beach Just A Pretty Woman Handling Her Business

Hello my Fashion Friends. I would really appreciate your help so I can keep making these styling videos for you. Please donate to the link provided.
Thank you so much for continuing to watch my videos, y’all are awesome. Thank you.

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Outfit 1
White Blazer (SImilar)

(not similar but I love this)

White cami (similar)


Nude Pumps (Similar)

Outfit 2

Black Blazer (Similar)

Olive Cami (similar)

Leather Skirt (Similar)
(Not leather)

Olive Shoes (Similar)

Outfit 3

Blouse (similar)

White Pants (SImilar)

Outfit 4 (Similar)

Little Black Dress

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  1. LOTUS The Blogger says

    I’m in love 😍

  2. Toronto Spratt says


  3. Ty Monique says

    Love the message..great video 👑

  4. Shenese Davis Colwell says

    Love your style and your videos!

  5. A1977ification says

    a woman with style should try not to make spelling mistakes. English is not my first laguage, not even the second, but I still can see the difference between "beach" and "bitch".

  6. Makeup favs says

    Oh My Gosh. Where have I been to just be discovering your channel. Outfits are gorgeous. New subbie is here 🙋🏽‍♀️. You’re beautiful.

  7. Joan Montalvo says

    Georgeos. Love your style options. My fav. shoe brand is Nine West. Love love love the quality and durability.

  8. ZeeBee_1908 says

    Your looks are classic and so well put together! Love your channel! Please keep it coming!

  9. Jenny Celine Celine says

    you look amazing in all the outfits.

  10. Jazzy Jazz says

    So informative !!

  11. Empressessy31 Hornsby says

    You look so gorgeous in all the outfits.. love the hair and makeup 💕

  12. Born Again Christian says

    Hi greatings from the Netherlands. I like your classic style, keep up the work.

  13. C Ali says

    I loved all the outfits! I'm trying to dress more fashionable for work and for everyday outings.

  14. Sara yazdani says

    You look hot and lovely en classy

  15. Goddess ByNature says

    Great style! Exquisite.

  16. marie nicole says

    Now, this is what I call #bossgirl style ; -)

  17. N. Bradett says

    I know that's right !!!! I loved this! 💋

  18. carolyn Robertson says

    Love the midi black dress and the jacket but for me I would only do it for a funeral look it just my style

  19. mrscwhite18 says

    I really enjoyed this video 👍🏽

  20. Tina Otchere says

    Love your style and the way you carry yourself. New subscriber!!!

  21. qwertyou123456 says

    Love your perspective on the baddie concept….new subbie❤❤

  22. zozolita zozolita says

    J’adore 😍

  23. Awuor Ochuodho says

    I love your fashion sense because it is my kind of go to and it is timeless not the kind that is in trend today then gone tomorrow. Keep them coming!☺☺

  24. Robin Zierold says

    Love all of the outfits! Number 1&3 are my favorites. Thank you for providing links to similar
    items. 😊

  25. Diamond76 Home Decor on a Budget says

    Hi Ose!!! I saw that video with Tamar and her cutting her hair!!! I love the first outfit it is just perfect!!! The white jacket really does give that I am here to take care of business/casual!!! Yes!!! I agree with you absolutely on your thought process on the pairing of the black with the olive green shirt!!! Wooo!! I love the white Ose!!! You look beautiful in white!!! It’s says I’m here for business!!! The cape style blazer with the cocktail dress on point girl yess!! You always give and offer good thoughts and opinions which I love!!! I love your video Ose!!! Xoxo Pam 💝💝💝💝

  26. Invading Minds says

    I love your channel because it's the perfect place for classy ladies to discuss fashion. Thank you for being fabulous as usual!😊

  27. Lisa Fitz says

    alright now you better work it! Love the video

  28. fashionwhitney says

    Love your videos, I have a gay fabulous wedding to attend in April and I was thinking of wearing a suit pant a fun color maybe and a lace teddy underneath to make it sexy and edgy as it will be a more fashion forward wedding. Can you please help with some wedding guest outfit ideas… thanks you

  29. Tonya Tee says

    Yes!!! Perfect timing!😃I have a networking event tomorrow, I will wear a lbd and a blazer, thank you😗, I love your channel!😍

  30. virylixyus in the house cedillo says

    I love your outfits I loved the white look 🙂

  31. ginjobique says

    Yes! Title got me

  32. fran fran says

    I always look forward to videos, the highlight of my week. I love the fact that you keep it cute but classy.

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