Official Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Trailer & Specialist Story Trailer! (Black Ops 4 Gameplay)


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The official Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer! What do you guys think? Player healing, Specialists returning, area denying abilities, swimming… BOOTS ON …

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  1. Angel Mata says

    Is there jet packs?

  2. pain Inside says

    I see a lot of like rainbow six some what stuff, ww2 campaign health i think and bo3 remake sort of thing but seems cool Tho id play it

  3. Kimchi says

    If you told me this was Black Ops 3, I would be easily fooled to think so, but a bit confused with the hud.

  4. pacmanman applemanman says

    Bo 4 looks so good

  5. The realest king says

    I hope they still got the Kuda or Vmp

  6. Ali Alatrach says

    if there will be solo missions and the zombie mode can be played with bots finally to finish the story on it ,it will be okay

  7. The Lone Echo says

    (1:20) If Jackal from Rainbow 6 Siege had a cousin

  8. DaNgEr_stishon دنجر استيشن says

    I don't like it

  9. Poke Mon says

    I like the specialist story trailer

  10. Garrett Wilson says

    Never bought fortnite, NEVER WILL AFTER SEEING THIS!!

  11. insertcd says

    Even that i'm kinda disappointed that this new BO is look like BO3
    nothing fresh , but i still gonna buy it :V

  12. CodMaster601 says

    Bo3 update looks awesome! Can't wait to play it 🙂

  13. Starslife Club /xbox one says

    Nice game BO4 STARSLIFE CLUB

  14. Lucas says

    So this is boots on the ground?

  15. ThatOneAlien says

    I knew they’d make the next game good. I liked bo3 but this is like the new better version haha. Too bad they didn’t keep Spectre tho.

  16. Fabio Henrique Mestre says

    Eu nao gosto muito desse jogo pq acho que ele tem um visual muito lavado, muito escuro. Mas nossa, to impressionado com os efeitos de iluminacao, estao realmente muito bons. Só nao comprarei pq Single Player pra mim é a experiencia definitiva já que nao jogo Multiplayer.

  17. Maliek Smith says

    I got a bo4 ad

  18. Alex Core says

    Are dogs a scorestreak in this game? I seen gameplay with a dog runnig3 around with a specialist…jw.

  19. Reblex ;-; says

    A mix between bo2 and bo3

  20. J. Gore says

    Maybe you should just lease the rights to star wars from Disney. Since they can't get it right. And then you guys can finally make the game you really want to make.

  21. J. Gore says

    You guys had one job. Smh

  22. Oipoip3 says

    it looked pretty good … until i saw the ability to see through walls, WHY DON'T THEY LISTEN?!

  23. Russell says

    Hmm… reserving final judgement till I see multiplayer gameplay.

  24. do4 says

    2:48 exactly “GET REKT” LOL

  25. Bodhi 22 says

    This is MW3 and b03 combined and more games

  26. nofilter reviews says

    Coming from a player that only uses one hand as I literally only have one the advanced movements and the extras leaves me no option but to not purchase it as I can’t play it. The more buttons the more things you need to do for basic gameplay rules out person with a disability or novice to be slightly competitive . Ww2 is simple with very easy mechanics this seems a lot of work for just a lot of frustration

  27. Kai vids says

    looks awesome

  28. trey S says

    All y'all talking about im leaving cod have been screaming that for years you'll be playing this on October 12th and getting your asses kicked

  29. PepDogg101 says

    Looks a exactly like bo3 but without jetpacks

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