Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – “Dropping In” with JaVale McGee


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Season’s starting. Jump into Black Ops 4 with JaVale.

On this episode of “Dropping In” presented by Lovesac, we meet up with Javale McGee at his home in LA to play Blackout in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4.

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  1. Tuco Salamanca says

    kicking out the guests after less than a minute. WOW

  2. xxxtentacion says

    All this to tell us to buy a sacrifice with some cod points.

  3. EPM Records says

    So this video is pretty much him telling us what he have and what he likes. OK thanks for sharing

  4. Владимир Гундоров says

    KAЛЛ ОФ ДУТИ блэк упс СТАЛ ОТСТОЕМ НА русском (калл это эксрименты)

  5. Fentolix says

    Playing online,

    No no no, inviting people to your house setting up TVs in different rooms so that you can all play with each other from different rooms online.


  6. alessandro fernandez says

    Arreglad ya el juego que está fatal yo subo al nivel 55 y se me baja al nivel 1 en multijugador y pierdo todo y hay mucha armas que están muy chetadas la armas ligeras

  7. Pedro Yevenes says

    0:01 name of this song ??? Please

  8. Arnold Prenci says

    Song plz somebody

  9. Dan Mason says


  10. Dan Mason says


  11. Dan Mason says


  12. gui007xz , says

    Ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2 ghost 2

  13. Thomas Chédemail says

    Sans spécialiste et le jeu et parfait

  14. R BEAVE says

    add prop hunt

  15. # THEKINGonDEM says


  16. H.C.S Matrix says

    Should add specialist call the toxin, equipment is a poison gas grenade and specialist weapon is dual shotties with slowing and incapitating abilities, like if they should add

  17. Acting Flynn says

    Blacks ops 4 on the switch please! I’m dying for it!

  18. caulifla ultra instinct mastered says

    Halo battle Royale and it's sounds good they should made that game

  19. Jonild Alexandra says

    Call of duty should stop maling new games every year and work more on bo4

  20. Yerson Arias says

    Nobody cares if u play or not if you are a gamer you just play the games to have more thing this games is not worth 60$ maybe 30 or 40.

  21. I’m a Wheelchair says

    Treyarch please continue the story of the Marine Soldiers because they just survived Vertuckt then you left us with nothing please continue their story DONT FORGET ABOUT THEM

  22. La danse du mouton says

    Where is ground of war

  23. American 581 says

    Make bo4 SnD game chat only come back plzzzzzzzzz

  24. Blazingbolt 15 says

    Can there be a douple xp weekend this weekend I really need to level up

  25. Jonathan Amador says


  26. Emiliano Aguilera says

    Please update call of duty black ops zombies for iOS!!!!!PLEASE

  27. Dill Pickle says

    Fix ur fukin game

  28. Retro games says

    Cod 4 zombie jungel reamaster?

  29. dumpyten dmt says

    I want mw4

  30. dumpyten dmt says

    Should this game be called cod bo online

  31. Bony food Reviews says

    Please fix the god damn health. It’s so annoying that people can have upward to 225 health(including armor) then you have nine bangs and a ton of lag. I’m not playing this game until you adjust this because as it stands this is not a call of duty for me…

  32. AC ROGUE says

    Plz tell me the name of the beat playing in the background

  33. DrAgOn_LeGeNd_66 says

    HEY ACTIVISION, OVER HERE! YES HERE! Instead of posting useless crap, could you not just make weekly update videos for your call of duty games like letting the people know what messages you received from us and how long it will take to fix major bugs, glitches and stuff and how long it will take for example so you give the community and answer and interact with them, instead of like "ok we got your money now we can chill" you know what i mean? You have to give us something, stop uploading useless stuff on youtube and start building up a community base with like monthly or weekly Q&A or whatever. I mean come on, please Activision

  34. Мини Клаус says

    так себе

  35. Erodplayer says

    Please fix your game

  36. cUz_aM_BaTmAn69 says

    Be your own game stop copying other games.

  37. Hacker not really says

    can the tranzit crew be free for everyone on blackout

  38. Klick كلگ 1 says

    Please weaken the Titan😐

  39. MYT_TOXIIC says

    Y’all took one of the best gaming series and threw it out because no campaign and no nuketown in multiplayer

  40. X Vision says

    Pls treyarch make a exclusive outfit for a Good specialist for only the People who pre-ordered The digital deluxe enchanced edition.
    Im am a gigantic fan of exclusive and rare stuff. Pls

  41. Atrocity Amp says

    Can y’all please remove the select spawn screen

  42. James abc says

    Black ops 4 is absolute trash

  43. Ramon Lucas says

    Pls create call of duty black ops 3 split scream for ps3

  44. Outta Love says

    A YouTuber named Sixtful just started making videos on his channel for BO4 , mind subbing to him ? YouTube Sixtful

  45. Dario862x says

    Fix all your game on Xbox One….server are trash…the game crash every day and lag lag lag lag and lag

  46. Jesse Gutierrez says

    Hey you fucks

    You need to find some way to make the icr not be able to beat a saug up close

    I legit shot someone to like 5 health then he turns and just melts my health

    This game just can't be a game that everything is balanced can it

  47. real morphious says

    Activision get off your lazy asses and give the tony hawk franchise to tony hawk

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