Papa Roach – Born For Greatness (Official Video)


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Official music video for ‘Born For Greatness’ by Papa Roach off of the new album ‘Crooked Teeth’.

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Written By: Jacoby Shaddix, Tobin Esperance, Jerry Horton and Jason Evigan
Music Produced By: Jason Evigan
Published By: Meat Locker 2017 administered by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing (ASCAP) / BMG Platinum Songs/Bad Robot Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
Directed By: Bryson Roatch

© 2017 Eleven Seven Music Group

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  1. 456 789 says

    They really changed there sound

  2. Armando Medina says

    Wwe payback/raw 2017/2018

  3. Frank Chavez says

    Good news! This is in Asphalt 9!

  4. Coyote Lightning says

    Man Imagine Dragons really wrecked rock. It's like everyone has to sound like them now.

  5. Chipepo Kasune says

    I’m here from wwe RAW like if u are

  6. alfred padron says

    zack de la rocha???

  7. Truly Phenomenal says

    0:29 This Is My Yard Now

  8. danial malik says

    Asphalt 9???

  9. Steven Prosser says


  10. Magnolia Alejandro says

    Like si eres mexicano

  11. Ascending From Ashes says

    Killer message!

  12. GNVS says

    Best Fall Out Boy cover song ever. He even sounds like Patrick stump here lol

  13. Camila de Cássia says


  14. SoulTheArtist says

    The band of "Timeless Hooks"🎶

  15. riot 25 says

    I yama manowar an I yam fightafah lalalabroka peopah lalalapeopah lalalabah

  16. Tweek Tweak says

    "Welcome to monday night raw!"

  17. Laser GameR says

    Venom anyone?

  18. Thamy Albano says

    I get here because RAW

  19. Đặng Vanh says

    asphalt 9 brought me here, not wwe

  20. Samarth Br says

    Like anyone came here after seeing wrestlemania theme song

  21. Zachary Scott says

    Who puts ketchup on hotdogs…you're ruthless!

  22. Denise Martin says

    Papa Roach is the greatest alternative rock band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!✌🤘🤘🤘🤘👏👏👏👏👏👏

  23. Catalin Alecu says

    Gym time!

  24. Лера М says

    Что-то попса какая-то

  25. sudhanshu singh says

    Asphalt 9 brought me here.
    Good song though

  26. super sane4209 says


  27. super sane4209 says


  28. Marshall Mathers says

    Anyone from MONDAY NIGHT RAW

  29. StrumSkillet says

    Man Skillet is such a great band. They keep evolving.

  30. poonam sharma says

    Mondai night raw

  31. Lucky Gohar says

    Mind blowing man amazing

  32. RetardationNation™️ says

    So…. this is the song that always plays full blast in my ear at the end of WWE youtube videos.

  33. LightningXO says

    I'm here from WWE2K19 and i swear i thought it's a Hollywood Undead song, especially the begining, i could've of sworn is J-dog, great song anyway

  34. Shivam Sharma says

    Only the part in WWE them song is great…
    remaining is shit..

  35. AndroiTecEc! says

    In there this song in asphalt 9??
    Well now i want to play that game
    I played the asphalt 8

  36. Rishabh Malhotra says

    I interpreted this video differently. I used to cry when I started losing my hairs, but when I see these people I realize I am blessed… Thank you Papa Roach and those three people

  37. Shad Nick says

    Asphalt 9 anyone

  38. Samyak Maharjan says

    Raw ❤❤

  39. Yaroslav Kinash says


  40. O mundo de Cherry C. says

    Melodic is wonderfull… i love papa roach, ever. ,♡

  41. Ryan 2020 says

    I came here from Raw

  42. Marco Frassini says

    Do they still have guitars in the band ?

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