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  1. Crazy Steve says

    Sort of expected cameos from Khalil Mack and Mitch Trubisky in this one

  2. Crazy Steve says

    Let's do this

  3. Scream XCIPHER77 says

    Fly like it tucking matters

  4. Colter's Vlogs says

    How awesome would it be for golden to like my comments or even reply

  5. Chris AM says

    Let's get this WIN!!! Fly Eagles Fly

  6. Daisy Duck says

    Forget the Cowboys – “We Dem Boyz” 👌🏾🦅🦅🦅

  7. SLUGFEST-TV says

    We are GOING to lose this game I feel this is going to be a trap game FOR us

  8. k p says

    Sheagles bout to get a spanking

  9. Basimah Baylis says

    Yoooo THIRD.

  10. MegaBear says

    Yooo 2nd

  11. Bird Gang says

    Yooo 1st

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