PS4 Pro “RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2” Console Unboxing (Playstation 4 Bundle) + Bonus

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Unboxing Playstation 4 Red Dead Redemption 2 console, Xbox One Ultimate Edition, Special Edition and solving the jigsaw puzzle 😀
Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector’s Box unboxing
Black Ops 4 Mystery Box Edition
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  1. Duvido que você comprou participação para ensino 5,19 duvido hahaha seu folgado

  2. I bought this bundle here in portugal this weekend and didn't had the puzzle 😭😭… the game is awesome…. Than you for the videos i like them all and i love your knives😎

  3. Can you play the red dead redemption 1 and revolver on ps4?

  4. There’s one of these rdr2 bundles on eBay for $2500 🤯

  5. How you can buy all that?…. Hardcore Drugs

  6. This guy gives me creepy vibes that’s why I enjoy him

  7. What PS firmware version come under ps4 pro red dead redumtion 2 bundle?

  8. Wasn’t this guy a zombies player lmao

  9. I like how you treat things with the utmost care and accuracy thank you so much 👌👍

  10. I was gonna get the one x but most of my friends play PS4 so ima get this bundle

  11. I got sleepy watching this. (Meaning in a good way) First time seeing your video and damn they are weirdly relaxing. Lol Thank god you didn't put no music. (I think a slow piano play would work too though) great video man you earned a sub

  12. When TheRelaxingEnd opens up a Ps4 buddel with Rdr2: carefully puts gloves on and uses a knife to cut open the box gently and patiently take the game and Ps4 out of the box…Normal people: FUCKING OPEN THAT SHIT APART XD

  13. Covers their hands for what?

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