PS4 Pro “RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2” Console Unboxing (Playstation 4 Bundle) + Bonus


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Unboxing Playstation 4 Red Dead Redemption 2 console, Xbox One Ultimate Edition, Special Edition and solving the jigsaw puzzle 😀
Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector’s Box unboxing
Black Ops 4 Mystery Box Edition
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  1. TheRelaxingEnd says

    Red Dead Redemption 2 fans here?

  2. Latrelle Jeffcott says

    I hate ps4 it's a piece of shit

  3. Ernesto Escalante says

    Great Playstation RDR2 bundle.

  4. Aaron Vivar says

    Asmr or what

  5. vitor Games says

    Duvido que você comprou participação para ensino 5,19 duvido hahaha seu folgado

  6. Joao Azevedo says

    I bought this bundle here in portugal this weekend and didn't had the puzzle 😭😭… the game is awesome…. Than you for the videos i like them all and i love your knives😎

  7. Sam Evans says

    this is asmr swear down lmao


    Can you play the red dead redemption 1 and revolver on ps4?

  9. master gamer says

    There’s one of these rdr2 bundles on eBay for $2500 🤯

  10. kino five says

    How you can buy all that?…. Hardcore Drugs

  11. SavingPvt_Highon says

    I felt uncomfortable watching your video, creepy!

  12. ERoXI Dark gaming DT8 says


  13. James James says

    Anyone else really hate Micha

  14. Axeo Plays says

    This guy gives me creepy vibes that’s why I enjoy him

  15. Евгений Иванов says

    ты езе бы вздрочнул на нее

  16. Maryse Bedard says

    Pls ps4 pro

  17. Cactucilio says

    How the fuck do you get so much money!?!?

  18. Cagatay Ocal says

    why did you show the code you dummy 🙁

  19. Melker Clasén says

    I have completed RDR2 on xbox one👍🏼

  20. NINAD KOTWAL says

    What PS firmware version come under ps4 pro red dead redumtion 2 bundle?

  21. HowToDestroy V2 says

    How Many PS4s Do You Have Lol

  22. Kudaz says

    Wasn’t this guy a zombies player lmao

  23. NIKE says


  24. KFC-MADYT Mad says

    I’m getting mines for Christmas

  25. Tolga Kuyubasi says

    I have the slim version of this bundle!. ^^

  26. Gustavo Almeida says

    Normal fica de pau duro ?

  27. Aiden Miro says

    This is ASMR

  28. Viktor Raikov says

    I would die happy if I had this

  29. zikos zack says

    I like how you treat things with the utmost care and accuracy thank you so much 👌👍

  30. Paweł Zduńczyk says

    This is better than asmr

  31. XxxthegamerxxX says

    This video ruined after he showed the Xbox case

  32. Gabriel soares says


  33. Movies X says

    Bro its real good unboxing

  34. Lukas Olsson says

    i like movie star planet 😀

  35. Xavier Lemus says

    I was gonna get the one x but most of my friends play PS4 so ima get this bundle

  36. Killa Her says

    I got sleepy watching this. (Meaning in a good way) First time seeing your video and damn they are weirdly relaxing. Lol Thank god you didn't put no music. (I think a slow piano play would work too though) great video man you earned a sub

  37. Supreme_Meme says

    When TheRelaxingEnd opens up a Ps4 buddel with Rdr2: carefully puts gloves on and uses a knife to cut open the box gently and patiently take the game and Ps4 out of the box…Normal people: FUCKING OPEN THAT SHIT APART XD

  38. Matiscrack 01 says

    Eres ladrón o que

  39. Keagan Call says

    me i play xobox

  40. Neill Karijodrono says


  41. EE 101 says

    Fuck Xbox

  42. Luca Cupiello says

    You have more ps4 than sony … and what an exaggeration

  43. Kenandy CR says

    who watches theese?

  44. BuffaloMafia716 says

    Video game ASMR fetish?!

  45. will teada says

    ps4 pro is <3…i wish i had one!!!!

  46. Gabas says

    Covers their hands for what?

  47. v animated says

    This is so relaxing 🤫🤫🤫

  48. casperliz. 23 says

    Try that on 3:36 maybe it workd

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