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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile players can now experience first-person gameplay thanks to the game’s largest update yet.

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  1. James Bond says

    Connect your Xbox one controller, start up octopus and your good to too.

  2. TJM Matthews29 says

    ok great but how about more new maps for the game which by the way isn’t free to play like fornite is and makes up wait months for new maps, weapon content etc which is way Pugb is way behind Fortnite in many ways

  3. WorK4It says

    PUBG Mobile > Fortnite Mobile

  4. Unhappymike says

    Just got a chicken dinner.

  5. Hideika says

    Awesome! Still unplayable without a controller! 😀

  6. tyshawn fertil says

    So basically they made it even worse and harder to play

  7. Edwardonius Portal says

    Pubg mobile is unplayable without a controller tbh. Still very Awesome that its on mobile though. Gives me hope for the future of mobile gaming.

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